What I do when I’m not a tourist

The average human being can’t spend his/her life traveling and exploring without ever having to work. Although we’d perhaps like to do that. But even everyday life offers some special occasions, which make getting out of bed in the morning definitely worth it.

In this category I write about some special things that come along my way. Since I don’t know exactly what yet, you will just have to click on the following link from time to time and find out.


dreams into plans



1 thought on “What I do when I’m not a tourist

  1. cool esthi, hier manu ferrari-martin – ehemalige schulkollegin von eliane
    ich wollte eliane’s handy-nr und mal mit ihr telefonieren… nun finde ich dich, die die welt bereist.
    echt gut der blog. bin flight attendant bei swiss und erlebe auch einiges, aber halt nie für lange zeit.

    liebe grüsse aus dem sanggaller Rheintal vo de manu

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