Prom is over, my suitcase is packed (or I hope it is, because what do you bring on a trip around the world with a not yet defined length? Luckily, I have a packing list, to which I just added a few items this time), let’s go.

On 16th February, I’ll fly via Dubai to Perth, where my adventure begins. I intend to buy a car, in which I’d like to travel around for a few months, stop at beautiful places and perhaps help out on farms. I would lie if I said that I wasn’t nervous. I’ve never done such a big trip on my own, where so little was planned. Good that at a moment of freaking out, someone showed me this vieo which reminded me again, that I only always had great times travelling and that it was I who actually wanted to do this. It also assured me a little that I’ve already talked to a few nice people on couchsurfing. Someone offered to help me find a car and for the first two weeks, I’ll be travelling up north and then back to Perth with a German girl. After that, my plans are pretty open.

My idea is to make my way around Australia along the coast and in the end, fly to the center. The length of the trip depends on how much money I still have and whether I become homesick (I’ve never been homesick before but there might be a first for everything). But since my visa got granted, I’d like to stay at least four months.

All the posts to Australia, you’ll find here:

After Australia, my RTW-ticket will take me to Fiji, LA, NY and Portugal but since I hope that I still have money after Australia, I’ll probably add a few North and Central American destinations before flying back to Europe.

It makes me happy when you follow my journey on my blog. Thanks for reading!


P.S. Have you noticed my personalized suitcase? This way, I hope that nobody will confuse theirs with mine. When I was thinking what to paint on it, so that I would recognize it, I suddenly thought that the easiest way was if my family and friends wrote something on it. That was my chance to compensate that as a kid, I never had a cast *knock on wood* which my friends could sign.


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