Sailing in the Whitsundays

View from the Whitehaven lookout

View from the Whitehaven lookout

Between Fraser and the Whitsundays I had one night in Agnes Waters, which is next to a place called 1770. It’s a very small place but the Cool Bananas Hostel we stayed at was awesome and the beach beautiful. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day and so the hike around the 1770 headland wasn’t as beautiful as it probably could have been but the guys had a great time climbing around the rocks. When the sun came out for a moment, we took the surfboards and grabbed some free body boards and headed to the beach (it then started raining again but that doesn’t really matter when you are already in the water). The waves were perfect for beginners and I had the best time paddling around with other learners and little boys that made it look so easy. Humans weren’t the only ones on the water though. There were about a million butterflies hovering over the waves. I wished I had another night there to go surfing again the next day! Even with the green water waves, I never nose-dived 🙂 If I continued surfing now, I hope I’d actually be able to surf curves soon :).

Sailing is work!

Sailing is work!

Then, I was a bit nervous about taking the night bus to Airlie Beach. I’m never able to sleep on these buses and so I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it. Unfortunately, it was a bus without wifi but at least I had nice neighbors and somehow we all made it there intact the next morning. We wandered to the Nomads hostel, where most of us first took a nap for a few hours 🙂

Airlie Beach is another touristy place with a lot of shops, restaurants and bars but I found it very agreeable to stay there. You can’t swim in the ocean because of dangerous stingers but there is a beautiful lagoon around which you can perfectly relax, have a bbq and swim in the saltwater pool when you get too hot. Finally, we had really nice weather again. I even might get my sun tan back. I think I had the nicest days here since I left Perth (I had serious bad weather luck along the East coast, just not what I expected from Australia).


The day before my Whitsunday tour, I just spent hanging around the lagoon, since I thought everybody I knew from Fraser and Noosa already departed a day before me. While I was cooking dinner in the evening, I ran into someone I already met in Rainbow Beach and we realized that we’d be on the same boat the next day. Therefore, we sat opposite each other while we had dinner and while we were talking to some people next to us, someone suddenly asked whether we were a couple. The question on its own wouldn’t be so funny but her comment after we denied that was: yes, otherwise it would have been really weird, since you are eating different things.

However, during the next three days on the boat we were eating the same thing. Did that make us a couple then :)?

Anyways, the next morning I went to check in for my boat. We only were a small group and first had to fill in the safety forms and sign the papers that we wouldn’t sue them. Then, we walked down to the pier and after first waiting at the wrong spot, we then found the correct gate. At least I wasn’t alone :). We met Michael, our dive and trip guide who made us fill in another form and then we could finally board the Samurai, our home for the next two nights. Since we were only 12 passengers (and two crew members) on a boat that usually fits 25 people (I really don’t know how that would work though), we all had a nice amount of space.

Playing around with perspectives and dimentions

Playing around with perspectives and dimentions

Then, we set out in the open sea on a beautiful day. In fact, the weather was so nice that we could only really sail without the motor for 45min in these three days. But it was a lot of fun like that too, mostly thanks to the other awesome passengers. I already miss you guys!

Our first stop was Hayman Island. The certified divers jumped into the water first and we had a nice 42min dive. Visibility was not that good but there were many fish and beautiful corals and just the feeling of floating under water reminded me again that I really should dive more.

For the rest of the afternoon, I went snorkeling, while Michael took a few other groups for an introductory dive. I saw about the same things snorkeling than during diving since everything was up in shallow water.


Then, we our skipper drove us into a beautiful sunset and found a quiet spot to spend the night. The Samurai wasn’t supposed to be a party boat but with this group, both evenings turned into a party anyways, especially after the ‘little piggy’ game. I can’t tell you what it is, otherwise it wouldn’t be funny anymore if you one day get to play it :).

Most of the nights however, we spent just lying on the deck, looking at the amazing sky. There were soooo many stars. We could clearly see the Milky Way and there were many shooting stars. I always wished for chocolate because that was the only thing that was really missing on the boat.


The morning was a bit critical for the stomach of a few people but luckily I could enjoy a beautiful sunrise and my breakfast without any problems. Then, we headed to Whitehaven Beach. We got off on the other side of the island, where it firstly was time for some funny pictures. Then, we walked to the stunning white beach, where we played around with the cameras some more. This beach surely was amazing! Too bad that you have to wear suits to swim in the water because of the stingers. Luckily, I didn’t see one.

After the beach, we hiked up to the view point. The view from there was even better than being at the beach itself. That was probably the most beautiful nature panorama I have ever seen. Just such a stunning mix of blue, green and white colors.


While we were waiting for the small boat to bring us back to Samurai, no other people than Lauren and Jamie from Fraser were jumping off their boat to come on the island. Back to the boat, a nice bbq lunch awaited us. After lunch, we went snorkeling at a different spot and for the sunset we went to a sand bank in the middle of the ocean. We walked to one end of the island and after the sunset, we walked back and realized that part of the sand bank was under water now. Good that I wasn’t wearing long pants 🙂 We even saw a turtle sticking its head out of the water and a small shark.

The second night was wonderful again and luckily I was below deck already during the two minutes it suddenly started pouring out of the blue.

The next morning we went snorkeling around the sandbank but there wasn’t much to see. Visibility was pretty bad. It still was good just to be in the water and at the beach anyways. Then it unfortunately already was time to sail back to Airlie Beach. Good music, great company and beautiful weather made this trip perfect! Back at shore I started to feel a little land sick, so I preventively took a motion sickness pill. On the way to the hostel, I ran into Jamie, Lauren and Victoria and Ronnie again, who were having a bbq at the lagoon for Jamie’s birthday. They invited me to come back for the cake and so my chocolate wish actually came true :).

IMG_7577 - Kopie

In the evening, my boat group met up again for an after party. Ali had brought the Twister game and so we had some international competitions going on 🙂 It was another great evening, so that we still weren’t tired of each other after spending all this time together and therefore met up again the next day for swimming and a nice bbq dinner. Then, I sadly had to leave with the night bus to Cairns. Unbelievable, that this is already the last bus from my Greyhound pass. It was such a long list of trips and now it suddenly comes to an end. Everybody else would be stopping of at Magnetic Island and perhaps do a skydive at Mission Beach, so it will be unlikely that I’ll see them again over here 😦 I guess it’s time to meet new people again…

This time, there was wifi on the bus and I even had two seats to myself, so the time until 5.45am passed pretty quickly (which didn’t mean that I could sleep any more than on the last bus).

So far, Fraser and the Whitsundays (and surfing) really were the highlights of the East Coast. The beaches and colors of Whitehaven Beach and watching the stars from the boat at night should be something you should put on the top of your Australia list if you ever get the chance to come here.

Best Samurai group ever :)

Best Samurai group ever 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sailing in the Whitsundays

  1. Great pictures. You have to tell me how you made them.
    The Whitsundays are really great. I loved them too.
    It’s a pity that you missed Magnetic Island and Mission Beach. But well, there are so many nice places.

  2. Soo tolle Fotos! – Apropos zum gleichen Essen eines Paares: Ich würde sagen: ein richtiges Paar ist Verschiedenes, und probiert vom anderen… 🙂

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