Noosa – The Margaret River of the East Coast


When I arrived at the Noosa coach station, the first thing I wanted to do was not leave my bus. It was pouring down so hard that I knew all my things and I would be soaked within seconds. But we all got off, grabbed our bags and then ran to the stand to wait for the hostel bus. That’s where I ran into the British girl from Coffs Harbour again. She was just leaving however.

Check-in time at the Nomads wasn’t until 2pm, so we all had to sit around and wait for 40min. Then, I finally had my room and was glad that there were very nice (and quiet) people in there. I also met some other nice girls with whom I spent the next two days. We went to take a walk in the national park. That was very pretty. The on the Palm Grove walk, I felt like I was back in the rainforest in South East Asia. In the afternoon, we did another walk along the beach. All the beaches look very pretty and I can’t wait to go swimming but it starts raining every few hours. Like again on the way back from the national park to the hostel. It rained so hard that nothing stayed dry and it continued like that all evening. The kitchen was overflowing with water and part of the roof broke through in one of the rooms, that’s how much it rained. I was a bit afraid that it would continue like that the next day, when I had booked a canoe tour on the everglades. Luckily, when I got up in the morning and opened the door, sunrays were wishing me a good morning.


I did the everglades tour with the discovery group tour company and it was amazing! One of the best days I had over here! We got picked up at 10am at the hostel and then they drove us to a jetty, where we boarded a boat with a group of elderly people. They would just stay on the boat the whole time and enjoy a lunch, where as we would paddle up and down the creeks. For about half an hour, we drove on a big stream and then a lake between trees and grass, house boats, camp grounds and the island from Richard Branson, where apparently a night costs 24 000 $. Then we reached a little jetty, where we had tea and very delicious bake goods and then our guide led us to the canoes. We were all teamed up and explained in which direction we should follow. For about an hour, we paddled along a fresh water creek. It was very serene and beautiful with the jungle on both sides of the water, so sometimes we forgot to paddle because we were just enjoying the scenery.

noosa 1 (3)

We made it to our lunch destination without tipping over. The boat with our guide and the other people was already there. On the bbq, our guide cooked sausages, steak and fish for us and on the table we could find different kinds of salad. The food was very delicious and such a welcome change to my easy backpacker food 🙂 There were good drinks too and so I got to try ginger beer soda. I like ginger but in combination with beer it tastes quite strange.

Rain in the rainforest

Rain in the rainforest

After lunch, we didn’t really have time to digest, because the canoe people had to paddle ahead to make it back to the starting point in time. On the way back, we got into a Viking splash fight and a few races. In the end, we arrived soaked but since the sun was still out, that was ok. It was a lot of fun and I am really impressed that none of us landed in the water during all this action 🙂

On Wednesday, I went to Eumundi markets. The Nomads hostel offered a shuttle service there. I’m so glad, I went there. There was such a great selection of things and food and you could try many things. I found 10 passion fruit for 2$ J!!! Cheaper than in Thailand. They were small but filled with seeds all the way, not just along the edge. Really delicious. And finally, my cold is gone 🙂

noosa 1 (1)

In the late afternoon, I started walking up to the lookout point. It’s a very, very steep walk but the houses I passed were AMAZING. Only for the rich. And finally, the view was stunning!!! And I got there right in time for sunset. Since I didn’t have a flash light, I then had to jog back to the hostel. At least it was downhill now.

noosa 2


On my last day, I got up early to go surfing with Annika. We hired a board from the hostel (for free). It was a huge plastic board that looked like it had been (ab)used a lot and there was no wax left on it. It was extremely slippery and wobbly but we were so determined to surf that we just jumped into the very choppy ocean. There were a lot of waves and so we just stayed in the white water, while the better surfers jumped and splashed around behind us. At least, with all these waves, I got many chances to stand up J It was so cool, I really regret that I didn’t find more chances to surf over here. I would have liked to stay in Noosa longer. It is a bit comparable to Margaret River on the West Coast and therefore I really liked the vibe of it. But unfortunately, I couldn’t stay, since my tour to Fraser Island was booked and so off on the bus I was again.

My canoe crew

My canoe crew


One thought on “Noosa – The Margaret River of the East Coast

  1. Da hast du wirklich tolle Tage erlebt!
    Siehst glücklich aus.
    Weiterhin schöne Reiseerlebnisse wünscht dir

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