In Brisbane, I got off at a real coach terminal, with chairs a food court and practically, the train station right downstairs. I took a train to Bowen Hills to meet my couchsurfing host. Again, I had been really lucky with whom I ended up. He is a very intelligent scientist who works in asthma research and therefore talking to him was quite interesting. He cooked Indian food for dinner and surprisingly, I really liked it. Maybe my taste has changed a little since last summer.

Then, we went out to enjoy a Friday evening in the city. Brisbane also belongs to the cities that look really pretty when it’s dark. Especially along the river. You can take beautiful walks during the day and at night.


In the center, I heard Latin music playing and so we went to have a closer look. Just to walk straight into an open air Salsa party. I don’t know whether they have that often or whether they were just promoting a club but people were dancing and it felt as if summer was back.

After that, every bar we went into, there was live music. I really enjoyed going out in Brisbane! One place looked really nice from the outside but they wouldn’t let us inside because we were dressed too casual. So, we dressed up a little more the next day and then they permitted us access to the Cloudland. It was worth it! I felt like in fairyland. And there was live music again!


During the day, we strolled along the river (the River Bar also has really good coffees) and then took the free red City Hopper ferry to get to Southbank. When the weather is nice, you could easily spend the whole weekend just in Southbank. There was a small market, nice green patches and small rainforests to sit down and even a small, artificial beach. And of course lots of places to eat.

On Monday, I visited the art museums. The Art Gallery was big and I liked the selection of paintings they had there. Unfortunately, a big part of the Gallery of Modern Art was under renovation and so it was a very quick visit. The rest of the day, I spent in the gardens and trying to find a doctor who can flush out my ear. Ever since I was surfing, my ear had been blocked and since I want to go diving I really need my ears to clear up. I’ve been looking for a doctor since Byron Bay but everybody always told me to go to different places because they were cheaper or better but in the end, the best option really was to go to a GP. Luckily, in Brisbane I finally found one who was open and even had time. I had to pay 70$, so that the doctor would have a look at me and then he splashed some water through my head. I felt quite brainwashed. The doctor than said that everything should be clean and good now. It did feel better but my right ear still felt a little blocked. I hope that was just some water that was still inside. Should have gone to the doctor in Switzerland. I usually do that once a year, before I go on summer vacation. But who thinks of that in February?

Free ferry

Free ferry

Then, it unfortunately already was my last evening in Brisbane. We ended the stay with a delicious hot chocolate at Max Brenner’s and then Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese food in Chinatown’s Green Tea restaurant. That was really good and the portions were big too! I would definitely go back there and try some other dishes if I stayed in Brisbane longer.

The next morning, everything worked out well with taking the train to the bus station and returning my gobus card, that I thought that was almost too easy. And of course then, the lady at the Greyhound counter told me, before I could get on the bus, I had to properly check in, weigh my suitcase and if it was overweight, pay 10$ extra. That’s the first time they behaved so complicated. Because they are a “proper” bus station, she said.

Of course, my suitcase was more than 20kg and so I had to repack a little. At least now I know how heavy my suitcase is and I know I will still be able to fly if I throw my food and kitchen things away J

Finally, we were all on a modern bus with USB chargers and wifi. The sun was still shining nice and warm and little did I know that pouring rain would expect me three hours later in Noosa.

Southbank Markets

Southbank Markets



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