On my first day, I was too late for the free walking tour, therefore I just went to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Its location is beautiful, right at Circular Quay and when you go up to the rooftop terrace, you have a beautiful view on the opera house and the water.
Again, they showed some pieces by Swiss artists. Afterwards, I strolled around The Rocks for a while and then walked down all of George St. I eventually found Central station, which luckily was pretty close to the hostel, got my bags and then took a train to Hornsby.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art

A few months ago my family found out that we have some distant relatives here (good timing for me;)) and they offered me to stay with them. They have a lovely house amidst palm trees, I had my own room and they cooked delicious dinners all week. Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome! And it was fun to see into the life of an emigrated Swiss family. The parents speak Swiss German and the daughter would always answer in English. Good idea!
When I met them, it turned out that they had been at the art museum at the exact time like me and I’ve seen them but since we had never seen each other before, we didn’t know. What a coincidence.
They gave me the tip to take the ferry to Cockatoo Island. Due to the biennale, there was art on the island and the boat probably was cheaper at the moment. So, that’s what I did the next morning and therefore got to see the opera and harbor bridge from the water.
Cockatoo Island is pretty cool if you want to get an idea of convict times. They still have the old houses and work places.
Back on the main land, I hurried to Town Hall to make it to the free walking tour in time. For 3 hours, we had a look at the sights, found our way through the underground shopping tunnels, learned about the free bus 555 that runs up and down George St and then ended up below Harbor Bridge in time for the sunset. The sight of Sydney harbor really is spectacular.


One morning, I got off the train at Milsons Point. The Luna Park and Olympic pool is located there and also the other end of Harbor Bridge. I walked up the short ramp and enjoyed the view while walking towards Sydney City.

Then, I spent a lot of my remaining time in Sydney at Peterpan’s Travel Agency. I guess it also takes an agency a lot of time to put 6 weeks of travel together. Now everything from here to Cairns and then Darwin to Alice Springs and Fiji after Australia is planned and I have a bag full of prepaid vouchers πŸ™‚ My trip sounds really awesome and I am excited and soon you will be able to read here, whether it really turned out how I imagined πŸ™‚

Because I spent so much time at Peterpans, I unfortunately didn’t make it to Bondi Beach anymore on the hottest day they had in April in the last 29 years. I then just went back to the harbor, to walk around the opera and explore parts of the botanical gardens.
I even made it inside the opera house. As far as the toilets, because I really needed to pee:) But they were beautiful toilets!


View from the boat to Cockatoo Island

On Anzac Day, I wanted to make another effort in going to Bondi Beach and the Iceberg pools but I could already see the black sky and when we turned the tv on to watch the parade, we saw that it was raining out of buckets in the city.
Change of plans, I’d go pay my remaining sum to Peterpans and visit the Art Gallery of NSW after that. For the afternoon, I had a ticket to see Captain America on the biggest IMAX screen of the world.

As I was trying to find the art gallery, I walked right to the street where the parade was coming through. I watched it for a while but when it started raining too much again, I walked on to Hyde Park. It was fun to see people in uniforms and hearing bagpipes everywhere. Once I got to Hyde Park, I had to make a slight detour, because they were holding a ceremony and I had to wait until the governor of NSW got out of the car. I even saw an important person πŸ™‚

IMG_3640 IMG_3646
Finally at the art gallery, I was drenched from the rain although I had an umbrella and I wasn’t the only one who tried to find shelter there. But the art gallery was great and also really worth a look.
Once I got outside again, the day had turned very sunny. Now my walk towards Darling Harbor was undisturbed, as the parade ended at 1pm. The only obstacle was a huge water puddle that was filling part of the concrete bridge. There was no way to get past it, except walking right through the 10cm deep puddle. Great, just as my sneakers started to dry. And I had wondered why so many people took the longer detour along the road. Luckily, a knight in flip flops and swim shorts arrived who gave me a piggyback ride across the puddle. With my heavy backpack too. I swear it was the backpack that was so heavy! Anyways, that made my day πŸ™‚


Finally at the IMAX, I could walk in directly. You receive the 3d goggles at the entrance. Better than paying for them every time! The entry is enough anyways 😦 30$…
But watching the film on this huge screen was quite impressive! The action felt extremely close. The seating rows are very steep too, so that nobody below you is disturbing your view. The only thing that annoyed me was that parents had brought their way too young kids. If there is a 15 year age limit, there’s a reason for that!! Several kids had started to cry…Really IMAX, you make enough money. Just don’t let these families inside!

My last day in Sydney, I spent around Hornsby as the weather wasn’t very nice anyways and there is a mall and some cafΓ©s here too. Plus, in the evening Nina (my distant cousin) and her friend cooked a feast meal for us. They had to do a business project for school and chose to be a restaurant. They made a mix of Japanese and Mexican dishes. All things I like πŸ™‚




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