Party cities (Byron Bay and Surfers Paradise)

Byron Bay

Byron Bay

We reached Byron Bay at 9pm. The streets were busy and I crossed several people that were going out on the 2min walk to the Nomads hostel. Everybody from my surf camp went to the Arts Factory but I couldn’t switch the pre-booked hostel. Which meant, meeting new people again. Luckily, everybody was very friendly and in a good mood.

The next day, I managed to go to Woolworths, when it started pouring and I (and many other people) had to wait a while until we could run to different places again. Great, that really helped my cold. On such a rainy day, there wasn’t much to do but sit in cafés. I did try the hot tub from the hostel, where I met some nice Australian girls with whom I then spent the evening. At 10pm we went out with a whole bunch from our hostel because we would get free entry to a club and a free drink. Byron Bay really above all is a party place.

Lighthouse, Byron Bay

Lighthouse, Byron Bay

The next day, it was sunny but cold (17 degrees). Perfect conditions to walk to the lighthouse. I met up with the British girl from my hostel in Coffs Harbour and the two of us and another girl from Canada tried to find the right path. Byron Bay’s beach is quite pretty and there even were some people in the water but I found it way too cold. At the end of the beach, we found signs that we were on the right track to the lighthouse. With my cold, the stairs seemed quite exhausting but we just took it slow and enjoyed the view from the cliffs. It really is a beautiful walk! We then reached the most Eastern point of Australia. I almost could touch Peru ;-). From there, it was just a short walk to the lighthouse and we even spotted dolphins on the way!!! The water was so clear that other people saw turtles too. At the lighthouse, there also is a small café with good things. There, we met a nice Australian who then offered us a ride back down but we thought we would walk. The first 50m were really nice but then it was just on the side of the road where all the cars passed by. Another car stopped and asked whether we wanted a lift and since it wasn’t scenically special, we thankfully accepted. Now I can cross hitchhiking off my list too 🙂 And we didn’t even have to hold our thumb out.

I can almost touch Peru :)

I can almost touch Peru 🙂

In the evening, we went to Woody’s Surf Shack, which I personally found much cooler than Cocomungas. And then we had a quick look at Cheecky Monkeys, because everybody was talking about it. That place had a great atmosphere and cheap Happy Hour deals too.

My last day in Byron Bay I spent lying around at the beach and in the comfy chairs in the hostel lounge. I would have stayed at the beach longer because there was a swimming competition (poor people who had to go in the water with these temperatures) going on and there were food and coffee booths but due to the wind, just being outside without really moving was too cold. The season is changing to winter after all.

However, the evening ended really well because I went to the Railway Bar with a German girl from the surf camp. There was a live band and just a great atmosphere!

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise

Then, after another nearly sleepless night in a dorm with much too loud people I was glad that I could move on to Surfers Paradise. For the first time, the Greyhound bus was packed. I was surprised that we all fit in it but we did and three hours later most of us got off at the Gold Coast. It was sunny and warm and the girl in the coach lobby informed me that a bus from my hostel would be here to pick me up in 5min. So, another 10min later I had a bed in a new room. Two of the girls I had already met in Byron Bay. A third girl was either going out or asleep and then there was a really nice German girl. We had our first walk along the esplanade and a look at the town. It’s very touristy but I liked it 🙂 A lot of places to eat and have coffees 🙂 People say, this is the Miami of Australia. Yes, it is similar but I’d say the beach is a lot nicer. And there is a pretty board walk stretching for at least 10km along the beach.
That evening, the sky turned pink and purple for a beautiful, kitsch sunset.
We then profited of Monday evening and went to have 2$ steak at Waxy’s Irish pub. Every dish you added to the plate cost 2$. It was a good steak too. We were joined by a guy from Vienna. Switzerland, Germany and Austria speaking English in an Irish pub in Australia 🙂


The next days looked pretty much the same. I got up in the morning, walked along the beach in the morning sun to find wifi at McDonalds 🙂 and then I took a bus to one of the amusement parks. I had this 3 day park Pass for Movieworld, Wet n’ Wild and Sea World. I love rollercoasters and so Movieworld was my first goal. Unfortunately, you can’t compare it at all to the Universal Studios parks. None of the shows interested me and the rides were rather for kids. Because the Superman coaster was closed for maintenance, there were only three roller coasters left. They were fun and I never had to wait more than 15min but I was definitely more thrilled on other rides in other parks. Probably it really is better for kids and I should have gone to Dreamworld instead. I guess I should have asked Peterpan more thoroughly what my fun park pass was about.

Sea World

Sea World

Back at the hostel, the German girl had left. Instead three noisy British guys were there. I really need a break from hostels after this. Luckily the British couple who was already in the same room with me at the surf camp was here too. It’s funny how I keep running into the same people.

The next day, I went to Wet n’ Wild (obviously a water park). Biggest of Australia and everybody had been raving about it. Only, half of the park was closed FOR MAINTAINANCE. I felt like I was in the wrong film. I really came in the wrong season. Like this, it was less exciting than the Säntispark (a swimming pool) in Switzerland. I felt a bit betrayed and went to complain at the entrance and then they offered me that I could go back to Movieworld, which was right next to it. And that I did and spent another two hours riding rollercoaster after rollercoaster. They are fun after all. Just not such a big choice in variation.

Dolphin Show

Dolphin Show

On my third day, I walked into the other direction along the beach, which would eventually bring me to Sea World. There, I was very positively surprised. They have beautiful and big lagoons for their dolphins and the show was impressive and informative. The sea lion show was very funny too and the jet ski stunt show amazing! Plus, they have quite cool rollercoasters there too but of course the one with the loops was closed. But the Jet Ski one was very cool!

I don’t know how the other aquariums in Australia are but the shark bay with the underwater view was amazing!! I’ve never seen such a big shark from so close before and the other fish and corals were so colorful! That part already makes a trip to Sea World worth it. Plus, the very playful polar bear youngster was very cute too:) It must have been excited about his birthday, which was a day later on 9. May 🙂


I walked back into town to have an amazing hot chocolate at the Beach Café. They use melted Belgian chocolate and it was as good as the ones at home 🙂 And the view over the wavy ocean wasn’t bad either 🙂

I really liked the ocean front of Surfers Paradise but I am looking forward to see Brisbane too.


Coffs Harbour and some mojo at the surf camp (Spot X)


After the last supper in Sydney, my alarm rang at 5am the next day. Franz kindly drove me to the train station at this early hour, where I dutifully bought a ticket at the machine before I realized that the gates were open! I could have saved these 5$…

Although the train got delayed 10min, I arrived at the coach terminal in time and found my red Greyhound bus. I felt like for the first time since my arrival here in Australia, I was doing mainstream travel. Before, I could stay at places when I liked them or leave earlier than we thought we would. Now, I’d just have to go to where the ticket takes me and stay as many nights at the hostel as I pre-booked.

It started to rain but while on the bus, that wasn’t much of a problem. And we would be driving north for 10hours, so I hoped the weather would be different up at Coffs Harbour.

coffs creek small

I really would have liked to get off the bus in Forster. Why isn’t this place mentioned in any of the guides or must see places? It looked so pretty and that’s only what I saw out of a bus window! That’s how I imagined Lakes Entrance to look like! But so, I just drove past it to more stops (the drive on the Pacific Hyw was quite nice actually) until we finally reached Coffs Harbour.

A guy with a pamphlet from the YHA hostel was already waiting for me. We walked to his van and all the other people who got off the bus walked to the van from the Aussitel hostel. Why did Peterpans pick the YHA? If I hadn’t seen all these people getting of the bus, I would have thought that this town was really off season right now. The YHA was very quiet. There were some people here but everybody was just telling me how quiet it has been. Plus, it still rained, which didn’t exactly cheer up the atmosphere. No free wifi, nothing for breakfast but the rooms are spacious and feel clean.


The next morning, I wanted to walk along the beach to the Big Banana and me and a girl from London set off. At the dolphin center, the woman then told my friend that she could only swim with the dolphins today because they would be cleaning the pools for the next two days and therefore, Maxime decided to stay there. I would have liked to pet a dolphin too but it was still 360$ and I thought that enough fun things were waiting for me over the next few weeks. So, I walked on alone (after waiting another half an hour hoping that it would stop poring). Once I went back to the hostel to get my umbrella, it stopped. I carried the umbrella around in my bag all day and it only rained when I was somewhere inside. My grandmothers trick still works 🙂

The walk along the beach is beautiful! If it were warmer, I’d definitely have stopped for a swim but like that, I just strolled along the sand and watched the surfers. At some point, I had to walk a path up a steep hill. There were a lot of birds whistling new amazing melodies I haven’t heard before.

From Diggers Beach, I could walk straight to the Big Banana. This is an oversized banana in front of a banana plantation. Seeing all these bananas almost made me buy a banana split. Luckily I read the ingredients and they didn’t put any chocolate sauce on top. What’s the point?

Then, I walked over to the lolly store and observed how they made candy for a while. It was magical!! They shoved around slacks of sugar on a hot plate. At first, they just put the red and white one together and then they wrapped another white one around it to make a thick sausage. Then, they put another layer of three colored sugar mass around it. I thought that would end up a one of this big, flat, round twisted lollies but then they started pulling on the sausage until it was only about half an inch round and then they cut it into small candies. And guess what? Happy Birthday was written inside it in red letters. How did that get there? That’s how they get the melons, smileys and raspberries in there too. Amazing! It really was all about folding the first layer of white and red in 3d letters. I really don’t know how they recognize where to put what though. And that the letters are so clear after pulling the candy from really thick to long and thin.20140428_124805

And we received a free sample of that too 😉

My way back was quicker past the Park Beach Plaza (mall) and then the hostel. I thought I might be able to go swimming now for a short time but then it started raining again.

In the evening, the hostel manager made a delicious pumpkin soup, which I had as an appetizer. The kitchen was kind of the mingling place where I could meet people to talk and eat with. In the lounge, everybody was on the laptop or phone or reading a book. Having some quiet time might be good once in a while but I heard the East Coast is the party place…I’ll see how it will be in the next towns. I’ve only heard good things about Byron Bay 🙂

The next day, the weather was a lot better. I took a walk to the marina and realized that also in this direction would be a really nice path, which ends on a steep island hill. I then went back into the other direction to walk to the lifeguard flags. Finally, for the first time after Esperance, I jumped into the ocean again. Only for a short time though, because the water was quite choppy and once the couple that had been in the water went back to the beach, I decided to do the same and not play shark bait on my own…

In the afternoon, I followed the path along the creek behind the dolphin center. Suddenly, it turned into a wooden bridge that led over wetlands. This in the middle of bushes and trees. It was beautiful!

Then, I packed the last things and waited for the hostel bus to take me to the Greyhound Bus stop. Where I waited an hour, because the bus was 45 minutes late and we were there early. How quickly you can forget how big a part of travelling waiting is, when you have travelled with a car for a while. There it was always taking off, when we were ready. I guess that’s one advantage of travelling by car.

When the bus finally arrived, it was a pleasant surprise that it had wifi and usb chargers. However, 40min later it was already time for me to get off, as we reached the Mojo Surfcamp at Spot X.


As we were late, we just quickly threw our bags in our cabins and then went straight to dinner. Steak, fries, beans and a salad bar. How nice it was to just receive big plates of food.

Then it was a quiet evening. There was a movie room but I chose to sit around the camp fire because it was pretty cold. When I walked back to the cabin, I was pretty sure there was one of these white owls sitting on the tree in front of my cabin but I didn’t have a bright enough flashlight to proof it. Anyways, it was gone in the morning so it must have been an animal.

There was cereal and toast and fruit in the morning and all day long there’s always coffee, tea, water and some kind of power lemonade.

My first surf lesson was at 10am, with a real surf dude with long blond hair 🙂 He explained some rules to us. Here, sticking a fist up into the air means that you need help. In diving, you have to wave when you are in trouble but he said if we wave here, the surfers would just wave back because they were friendly people. Most important rule was to always smile and look cool and have friends with you who can witness the cool stuff you are doing 🙂

20140430_101606 - Kopie

Then, we got into our wetsuits and put some free sunscreen on. Down at the beach, we practiced how to get on the board and stand up. Was really good to practice that again (hands, back foot to the knee, front foot and then stand up). Bali lies over half a year back and I couldn’t really remember how to do it properly, so this was a good refresher.

Then, we headed into the water. Just white water waves today but it was a lot of fun!! Here and with this big board, I was quick enough to actually get carried by the waves and stand up on my own. Was good to have some success again. My highlight was, when I was surfing close to another girl and we were both standing and could share a high five while riding on the wave 🙂

Lunch was a huge buffet again with wraps or sandwiches, salad and pasta. Nobody had to go hungry here 🙂

In the afternoon, you could surf again if it was in your package or there were all kinds of other activities too. So, the fun is here the only thing that went hiding again is the sun.

In the evening, there was music and some Norwegian girls really rocked the dance floor!

20140430_115639 - Kopie

The life at the camp could have continued like that forever but unfortunately, I only booked two surf days. At least on the second day, we had beautiful weather. This time, we went out to the green waves. I attended the surf lesson in the afternoon too and sometimes was glad when we had to wait for the next waves to come, so that I could just relax on the surfboard. All that paddling was exhausting.

I wished I could have stayed longer but since my bus arrived right on time at 5.30pm, I left Spot X to go to Byron Bay. Probably smarter anyways, since I felt that I was getting a cold.


On my first day, I was too late for the free walking tour, therefore I just went to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Its location is beautiful, right at Circular Quay and when you go up to the rooftop terrace, you have a beautiful view on the opera house and the water.
Again, they showed some pieces by Swiss artists. Afterwards, I strolled around The Rocks for a while and then walked down all of George St. I eventually found Central station, which luckily was pretty close to the hostel, got my bags and then took a train to Hornsby.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art

A few months ago my family found out that we have some distant relatives here (good timing for me;)) and they offered me to stay with them. They have a lovely house amidst palm trees, I had my own room and they cooked delicious dinners all week. Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome! And it was fun to see into the life of an emigrated Swiss family. The parents speak Swiss German and the daughter would always answer in English. Good idea!
When I met them, it turned out that they had been at the art museum at the exact time like me and I’ve seen them but since we had never seen each other before, we didn’t know. What a coincidence.
They gave me the tip to take the ferry to Cockatoo Island. Due to the biennale, there was art on the island and the boat probably was cheaper at the moment. So, that’s what I did the next morning and therefore got to see the opera and harbor bridge from the water.
Cockatoo Island is pretty cool if you want to get an idea of convict times. They still have the old houses and work places.
Back on the main land, I hurried to Town Hall to make it to the free walking tour in time. For 3 hours, we had a look at the sights, found our way through the underground shopping tunnels, learned about the free bus 555 that runs up and down George St and then ended up below Harbor Bridge in time for the sunset. The sight of Sydney harbor really is spectacular.


One morning, I got off the train at Milsons Point. The Luna Park and Olympic pool is located there and also the other end of Harbor Bridge. I walked up the short ramp and enjoyed the view while walking towards Sydney City.

Then, I spent a lot of my remaining time in Sydney at Peterpan’s Travel Agency. I guess it also takes an agency a lot of time to put 6 weeks of travel together. Now everything from here to Cairns and then Darwin to Alice Springs and Fiji after Australia is planned and I have a bag full of prepaid vouchers 🙂 My trip sounds really awesome and I am excited and soon you will be able to read here, whether it really turned out how I imagined 🙂

Because I spent so much time at Peterpans, I unfortunately didn’t make it to Bondi Beach anymore on the hottest day they had in April in the last 29 years. I then just went back to the harbor, to walk around the opera and explore parts of the botanical gardens.
I even made it inside the opera house. As far as the toilets, because I really needed to pee:) But they were beautiful toilets!


View from the boat to Cockatoo Island

On Anzac Day, I wanted to make another effort in going to Bondi Beach and the Iceberg pools but I could already see the black sky and when we turned the tv on to watch the parade, we saw that it was raining out of buckets in the city.
Change of plans, I’d go pay my remaining sum to Peterpans and visit the Art Gallery of NSW after that. For the afternoon, I had a ticket to see Captain America on the biggest IMAX screen of the world.

As I was trying to find the art gallery, I walked right to the street where the parade was coming through. I watched it for a while but when it started raining too much again, I walked on to Hyde Park. It was fun to see people in uniforms and hearing bagpipes everywhere. Once I got to Hyde Park, I had to make a slight detour, because they were holding a ceremony and I had to wait until the governor of NSW got out of the car. I even saw an important person 🙂

IMG_3640 IMG_3646
Finally at the art gallery, I was drenched from the rain although I had an umbrella and I wasn’t the only one who tried to find shelter there. But the art gallery was great and also really worth a look.
Once I got outside again, the day had turned very sunny. Now my walk towards Darling Harbor was undisturbed, as the parade ended at 1pm. The only obstacle was a huge water puddle that was filling part of the concrete bridge. There was no way to get past it, except walking right through the 10cm deep puddle. Great, just as my sneakers started to dry. And I had wondered why so many people took the longer detour along the road. Luckily, a knight in flip flops and swim shorts arrived who gave me a piggyback ride across the puddle. With my heavy backpack too. I swear it was the backpack that was so heavy! Anyways, that made my day 🙂


Finally at the IMAX, I could walk in directly. You receive the 3d goggles at the entrance. Better than paying for them every time! The entry is enough anyways 😦 30$…
But watching the film on this huge screen was quite impressive! The action felt extremely close. The seating rows are very steep too, so that nobody below you is disturbing your view. The only thing that annoyed me was that parents had brought their way too young kids. If there is a 15 year age limit, there’s a reason for that!! Several kids had started to cry…Really IMAX, you make enough money. Just don’t let these families inside!

My last day in Sydney, I spent around Hornsby as the weather wasn’t very nice anyways and there is a mall and some cafés here too. Plus, in the evening Nina (my distant cousin) and her friend cooked a feast meal for us. They had to do a business project for school and chose to be a restaurant. They made a mix of Japanese and Mexican dishes. All things I like 🙂



Melbourne to Sydney, an Easter road trip


With my car gone, I have now been looking for people with cars on gumtree and couchsurfing to do a road trip with. The first guy I met up with didn’t seem very trustworthy though, so I passed on that opportunity. Luckily, because that gave me the chance to meet Ave. He is an Asian student at the culinary in Melbourne and said that he had never done a road trip and only camped in the living room and therefore needed someone with travel experience. He seemed nice and like we’d get along and so we set a date to leave the next day.
Our first stop then was Philipp’s Island, since it was along the costal route anyways 🙂 We got some free samples at the chocolate factory and a delicious iced chocolate and then drove on to the penguin parade. It already looked like a tourist trap from the outside. I think it said something about several thousand people coming every evening. We waited in one of the lines, paid the 24$(!!) and then proceeded to the center where you could buy expensive food and souvenirs. Everywhere were employers who reminded us that we had to pack our cameras and phones away since we weren’t allowed to take pictures anymore (thanks to the people who disregarded the no flash rule over the years!).

Squeaky Beach

Squeaky Beach

We saw a few penguins on the walk down to the beach. At the beach, you sit in a huge kind of amphitheater that overlooks the ocean and wait for the sun to set. There are small lamps and their light reflects on the bellies of the penguins who come out of the water in big groups and then run across the sand in the funny way they are moving. But they really are too far away to see the whole penguin. It’s more just the white bellies. But the quantity of them is impressive! It got a bit better when we walked back to the entrance about 45min later since you can spot the penguins all along the board walk (once you can squeeze past all the other people who are also looking at them). So, all in all, the penguins at St. Kilda were a better experience, even though there weren’t as many. Perhaps Philipp Island used to be better when it wasn’t as famous.

Squeaky Beach

Squeaky Beach

Squeaky Beach with sunshine

Squeaky Beach with sunshine

Of course, now it was dark which made finding our camping spot for the night a bit more difficult. But we found a nice one near Inverloch, next to a lake. And since Ave had brought half of his kitchen he could prepare a delicious Chinese dinner for me 🙂

Wilsons Promotory

Wilsons Promotory

The next morning we drove on to Wilson’s Promotory. This time we were lucky, because it only started raining the minute we got in the car. Before the national park, we stopped in Coral Creek to have a look at the cute “museum town”. They rebuilt old houses, like it used to be during mining times and here the entry is free!


It was a pity that we had the worst weather of the day, while we were at the beautiful Squeaky Beach. Also the other beaches and mountains look really nice and from the huge campsite in at the southern end, you could do a long hike to the southernmost point of continental Australia. We could have explored ‘the prom’ for a couple of days but decided to move up north to try to get better weather. Our goal was Lakes Entrance because several people in Victoria had told me that this was such a beautiful place and everybody went on vacation there. So, I was a bit disappointed when we got there because I had seen so many prettier towns and places in Australia. And of course, all the campsites were full. After the 5th try we finally got a tiny, overpriced site. After dinner, we walked along the water but in my opinion, it still didn’t look special. Perhaps because it was Good Friday and most things were closed.
Unfortunately, the next morning the weather was worse again and so we only quickly walked to 90 Mile Beach. We wanted to walk to the end of the island to see the point where the ocean meets the river, but it was just too cold for that. So, we got back in the car and made our way to the Washington of Australia; Canberra. There we visited the war memorial. It is a really good museum and when we got out, they were holding a memorial for a soldier, so we got to hear the Australian anthem too.


Then, we found a great 10$ campsite in Gundaroo. However, the night was so freezing, that even breathing was hard and we switched into the car at 3am. The next day we were really surprised that we didn’t have a fever or pneumonia. I guess we will be staying in hostels from now on…
We then spent half a day driving to the Blue Mountains. EVERYBODY seemed to be going there and so we got stuck in a traffic jam but the wait was definitely worth it!

Three Sisters

Three Sisters

Of course the parking lot at Echo Point was overcrowded. Just our luck, because therefore we had to go find a space in Scenic World, which was for free. There was a very long line at the gondola but we just marched past that because we wanted to walk from here to the famous Three Sisters (at Echo Point). The views were stunning, I couldn’t stop wowing!!!
This path is very easy and therefore was full with people but it was nothing compared to the crowed at Echo Point. I guess I know why our car was stuck in traffic for an hour…

The lady at the visitor center told us that we still should do the Giant Stairway (most people would only do that and then walk the same way back) and then walk towards Leura and back on the Cliff Walk. This would be about a 3 hour circle.
So, with hundreds of other people we pilgrimaged down the never-ending 900(!) steps which were carved into the rock or just normal steel stairs. It was pretty steep at times. This just doesn’t come out in the pictures. The views were still amazing.
400m lower, we reached the bottom of the stairs and started walking on the path to the left, suddenly being alone in a rainforest. The path went up and down but was really nice and I couldn’t believe the people would just walk back up the same boring stairs. I was a bit worried about how we’d have to get back up though. After an hour or so, we finally ran into another group of people who were really happy to see us. The nature felt pretty wild and lonely down there, as it was late in the afternoon.
We then reached a waterfall and that’s where our way up began. Phew, it was mostly just steps too but not as vertical as the way down.

IMG_3429 IMG_3435
At some point, we ran into 70 year old Henry, who lives near here and goes walking at least once a week. He basically jogged in front of us while my legs started to feel heavier and heavier. I was very glad when we finally reached the top :)! Henry told us, that the hike to the bottom of Leura Falls was wonderful too but unfortunately, we couldn’t do it that day, as it was getting dark. We should either do this the next day, or even better, the National Pass walk from Wentworth Falls.
We said goodbye to Henry and then started our way back on the Cliff Walk (again an easy track). Every time it went downhill again, we were whining because we knew we’d have to walk it back up again. Our poor legs! They weren’t used to that after sitting in the car for so long. But the views are just so amazing, I’d do it again right away!!

And the Blue Mountains really looked more and more blue as the sun was setting. Back at Echo Point, all the tourist buses had left and now there were only about 10people left. Private view over the Valley 🙂
We then just had to walk 20 more minutes back to the car (probably would have been 15 but it wasn’t easy to find the way in the dark, as we walked through town now and not along the cliff.)
Finally at the car, we drove through Katoomba to find a hostel. Katoomba is a very cute town that really has a holiday feeling to it. I could easily stay here for a few days 🙂
It took us 4 tries to find a hostel that still had a room and so we ended up at Nº14, which was nice and cozy.

Wentworth Fall

Wentworth Fall

Another waterfall

Another waterfall

Since it was Easter, we wanted to treat ourselves to some nice food and ended up at the Station Bar. I had the best pizza in Australia so far. Pretty similar to how it would taste in the Italian part of Switzerland. Mhhhh!
On Easter Monday, we drove down to Wentworth Falls. This time, no traffic jam and as it was only about 9am, we found a parking spot in the actual (free) car park 🙂
It said that National Pass would take us 4 hours and again, a lot of steps but we set out for the walk anyways. There were a lot of steps but it was definitely better to start the way we did, so that we’d end up at Conservation Hutt (the climb there was more steady) . And the walk was incredibly beautiful and varying. Amazing waterfalls, followed by overhanging cliffs, rainforest, more waterfalls, the path carved into the cliffs and waterfalls again. And this view! All in all, this was even better than the walk yesterday.


At the restaurant Conservation Hutt, we rewarded ourselves with iced coffees and then walked the remaining 15min back to the car. About 10 of these minutes we were walking past all the cars that were parked along the street now. I already could see us sitting in traffic again on the way to Sydney but surprisingly, the traffic jam was still on the road going up to the Blue Mountains. We reached Sydney in late afternoon. It was easy to find a hostel. However, it was really hard to find a parking lot. Parking has been very expensive ever since I reached the East Coast and I am slowly starting to think, that I am better of without a car.


Eventually, we found a place and then headed straight to the fish market, which by now was closed. We found some oysters anyways, in a beautiful place with a view of the harbor. Then, we walked to the Opera House and for the first time in a while I consciously realized again that I was in Australia 🙂 (I guess the weather over the past weeks just hasn’t been living up to my image of Australia).
The next morning, we went back to the famous fish market and bought several different things to try. In the end, I thought I could never eat fish again, I was so full. And that with a seagull stealing one of our sashimi!! Watch out for these beasts!
Then, it was high time for Ave to drive back to Melbourne since he had to get back to uni and I headed back into the city to enjoy the ongoing art biennale and SUNSHINE. Finally, I could wear short clothes again 🙂

IMG_3531 IMG_3551


Where am I ;)?