Adelaide, the town I couldn’t fully appreciate due to the circumstances

 Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens

The first night at Shakespeare’s hostel I slept well. Funny that Michèle and I ended up in here together, since we both had chosen Romeo and Juliet as one of our exam books. This is the first hostel here that really feels like a hostel. Big and a lot of people you will never talk to. With the ones in Perth I’ve been very lucky, they were more like families.

So, we wanted to leave the hostel as soon as possible but unfortunately, none of the couchsurfers had time and so we had to spend the 30$ on every night.

In the morning, the weather was nice and so we decided to take the tram to Glenelg Beach, a pretty little seaside town. I thought I could put some adds about my car and camping stuff on Gumtree later.

30min later, we were strolling along the shopping strip in Glenelg, looking for something we could have lunch later. Two German girls were with us too, Michèle met them at the airport and they will switch to our hostel tonight.


Afterwards, we sat on the sand for a while (it was too cold for swimming 😦 ) and then I had my first fish and chips in Australia. That was good, I definitely have to eat more seafood here!

We took the tram back to the city and went to two of the free musem. The migration museum was quite interesting but since the sun came out by then, we didn’t take the time to read all the signs.

Close to it was the National Museum of SA and in there you can find all kinds of stuffed animals and aboriginal art and hunting gear. I would have loved more time in there but it closed at five.
Along the same street, we found the botanical garden, which was very beautiful. No wonder that about five wedding parties chose this to take pictures or have an apéro. Unfortunately, the water lily pavilion and the rainforest hall closed at 4pm. But this park would always be a nice place to take a walk or go read a book.
Afterwards, it was time to do something for my car. Unfortunately, the wifi on the balcony didn’t work well enough (there is free wifi allover Adelaide center but only outside buildings) and so Michèle and I went off to look for a McDonalds. I extra brought my charger since I saw my laptop battery was very low but then off course there was no power plug. So we went to Hungry Jacks (yay, chocolate sundae for 2$) but the plug didn’t work. All that walking around town for nothing. And back in the hostel I realized that it wasn’t the plug at Hungry Jack’s that was broken but it was the little piece at the end of my charger (I hope it’s that and not something inside the laptop..). Great, now that I really need my laptop, I can’t even charge it. Of course this had to happen too! There wasn’t anything I could do now, so we finally cooked a late dinner and then I tried the internet again with my phone. Now that worked but of course nobody replied in the short time I was in Adelaide (but I might have some people who buy my camping things in Melbourne).



The next morning, I tried to call a few numbers of steel companies that buy broken cars but of course nobody picked up on a Sunday.
Luckily, then a couchsurfer called me that she’d have space and we could come but we would be more like house sitters, since she had to go to the hospital for two days. So, we packed our things, took a bus and then carried our things to her house like donkeys (before that, we decided with the German girls that we’d rent a car together on Tuesday to drive to Melbourne, so I really had to get rid of my car on Monday:().
The lady was very friendly but her house was a bit of a shock, untidy to the point that we tried only to touch what we really had to. I didn’t really want to spend two nights there.
We dropped our stuff off and the lady explained what we had to look after and then Michèle and I took the bus back to the city to catch a train to Port Adelaide.
We walked directly to the red lighthouse in the harbor where also the Sunday market was located. I would have loved a nice food market but it was a flea market with a lot of things we don’t have any space for anyways. So we had a look at the Dolphin Cruises (you take a boat up the river to the beginning of the ocean and back again for 1,5 hours). They cost only 8$ per adult (how can anything be so cheap in Australia? Probably it’s not very likely to see dolphins but still, a nice boat ride). We talked to the lady at the office for a moment and then she offered us the cruise half price.


Just like that (perhaps it looked so obvious that I wasn’t having the best time at the moment?) Anyways, that was the first really nice thing I experienced in Adelaide.

We boarded the boat and just relaxed for the next 90min, observing the other ships and birds. We didn’t see any dolphins but at least I forgot about all the stress for a moment.

We went back to the house, looked after the chickens and cooked dinner. The mattress for sleeping was ok but if I could sell the car on Monday morning and we’d find a rental car for the same day, we definitely wouldn’t hesitate to leave this place and Adelaide.

Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide

I made a few phone calls on Monday morning, firs offer for my dead car was 200$, then for 80$ and 150$ and in the end 250$. That’s what I had to take to at least get a little something back:(. Not what I had planned at all. Now I really will have to find a different but also cheap way to travel here. Will probably also be good, I just have to be able to say goodbye to my VORSTELLUMG first.

We met up with Johanna and Sarah at Peterpan’s travel agency and were lucky to find a wicked van for all of us for that day. I took a bus for an hour and then walked the last 600m through the industrial area to the truck depot. All the while I was hoping that the depot would be open, the car still there and that the guy from the steel company would really come.


To my relief, there were people on the yard and the first guy I talked to was exactly the guy I was looking for:) He gave me a yellow security west to wear, led me to my car and for an hour, I cleaned the rest of my gear out and unscrewed the kangaroo bar and the roof rack. A guy came by and asked me whether I was a trainee 🙂

Then a tow truck arrived and pulled my now naked car away:( I really would have needed him for another three month!

Famous Adelaide Pigs

Famous Adelaide Pigs

The girls arrived in the van and although it’s big, there was no way I’d be able to fit all my stuff and our suitcases in it. So, I already had to leave a few things behind (also the roof rack but at least following a tip from the truck depot manager, I carried the kangaroo rack another 150m to an aluminum recycling place and they paid me 8$ for it.)

With the help from the girls, we managed to fit the rest of the stuff in the car, then we drove back into the city to get our luggage (4 girls who travel for a longer amount of time…) shopped for food and finally at 4pm we were ready to take off. As soon as we were out of the city, the environment turned into very scenic surroundings. Adelaide Hills or the Barrossa Valley would have been worth a trip too!

We drove for as long as the daylight permitted and then found a simple but great campsite by chance (8$ pp).

Michèle set our roof tent up and after dinner we were very excited to spend the first night in the tent on top of the car (Johanna and Sarah were down in the car and we’d switch every night). Unfortunately, the sleeping surfaces weren’t as comfortable as we’d have liked them to be or even seemed broken. We felt liked we deserved better for the price we paid. Wicked will hear from us!
But now we first try to catch some rest for a new adventure.


That was the next day but I was happy to leave SA, which mostly brought me bad luck.



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