Esperance – Where the kangaroos go to the beach

Hellfire Bay

Hellfire Bay

The first two nights are already behind us. Cro really got the full load of camping right then 🙂 We entered Albany Hwy in Perth and were on the same road for 5 hours until we were back in Albany. This route was much quicker and easier than via Wave Rock but much less entertaining. Field after field. Albany still looked nice but quite cloudy. Therefore, we just drove back to the campsite I stayed at before. The group of French people that was there the last weekend was still there. The first dinner was good but already then it rained a little. And then during the night, it rained even more L It proofed that our tent was waterproof enough that we didn’t get soaked but everything was damp the next morning and that it still rained while we took the tent down didn’t help the drying process.

Good that we drove towards beautiful weather. At our lunch stop, we used the car as a drying rack for our things 🙂


Lucky Bay

It somehow always takes us longer to get to a place than expected and so we arrived in Esperance at 4.30pm. At the information center a sign said that the campsites in the national park were full. We didn’t want to risk having to drive back in the dark and therefore, I asked wiki camps for a place near the town. Yabby Campground was a great place for one night, with a free washing machine!! Unfortunately, I only had washing gel from Switzerland but no washing powder, but the owner gave me some.

View over Lucky Bay

View over Lucky Bay

Another nice dinner (with self-made cucumber salad and discounted tzatziki sauce from Coles for 50c :)). The night was rough though. No rain this time but it seems that always after two weeks, the blow up mattress would rip. I definitely don’t want to keep investing money on these. Exped will have to do for now and Cro luckily brought his own little mattress.


The next morning, we finally made it into Cape Le Grand NP. Everybody had told me, that here we’d find the most beautiful beaches of Australia and so I was excited what we would find. We first drove to Le Grand beach and campsite because we thought we’d stay there but the beach there wasn’t very special, so we drove on to Hellfire Bay. The bay really did look beautiful with white sand and different shades of blue water but it was quite similar to Green Pool in Denmark.

After a swim and lunch, we drove on to Lucky Bay. The tent area looked pretty empty (and I am sure we’d have found a spot here last night) and since we met the leader of a tour group, who told us that she had all kinds of tips for us for going across the Nullabor, we decided to stay there.


Lucky Bay already looks amazing when you drive towards it. There, you really see the contrast of the clear blue water next to the white sand and the green bushes. Beautiful!!!

And since the bay is so big, you can walk along the sand until you are completely alone (same in Helfire Bay, we were the only people). So, yes from that perspective it comes pretty close to paradise. However, what concerns me, I wouldn’t say these are the most beautiful beaches. They are stunningly beautiful but in the whole package, I liked Margaret River or Exmouth and Coral Bay just as much. The cool thing about Lucky Bay however is, that there are kangaroos on the beach! And at the campground too. Also little ones 🙂


There also was a tour group who just came from Adelaide. They had some good tips for us and were a bunch of really fun people. We had a great evening and I even got to speak some Swiss German with two girls 🙂



One thought on “Esperance – Where the kangaroos go to the beach

  1. Diese Farben rufen richtiggehend danach, ins Meer einzutauchen. – Freut mich, dass du auch gerne wieder einmal schweizerdeutsch sprichst. 🙂

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