Caversham Wildlife Park (Perth)


So, after Hero was repaired again, we continued our to do list in Perth. Jess took us to Trigg Beach, where we finally tried the surfboard. The waves were really small and close to the beach, which only gave me about 10m to try to stand up but it was fun anyways!

The rest of the day we spent in Harbour Town shopping center. It’s along the Yellow CAT line. It’s a shopping center full of outlet stores and we did find some good deals 🙂

Then, it was unfortunately our last evening at the Underground Backpackers because the Malasian boss came with his family and they were taking up all of the rooms. I’d have liked to stay there longer. The people were extremely friendly! But the next day, I went camping again anyways. This time Jess took us into a forest. On the way there we stopped at Serpentine Falls, which would be a really nice weekend getaway from Perth. We found a 4wd track and just stopped somewhere along it when it met the river to set up for the night. The area was beautiful and there was nobody around for miles but other than that it could also have been in Europe. Forests aren’t that different here 🙂


Back in Perth I hadn’t found a couchsurfer for the night, nor a hostel with a parking lot that was close to the city, so I decided to stay on Camp Wattle Grove again. I never thought that I’d go camping alone and it really isn’t my thing but Miriam was in a hostel and so I had no other choice. But it was actually quite easy to set the tent up on my own and so the night was no problem.

The next day, I met up with Miriam again because we wanted to go to Caversham Wildlife Park. Now, I find my way around Perth quite well with the car, which makes it feel like home a little. I could definitely live here. This is the third time I’ve returned to Perth within the last 6 weeks and it really felt like returning to a place I know. I will be a little sad to leave it when I take off towards South Australia soon.


Caversham wouldn’t accept the international student card so we had to pay the full 25$. A lot of people have told me that it’s a nice park and awesome how you get to see the animals. Ok, you do get close to them but this park has been worse than Chiang Mai zoo. The animals really seemed sad because they didn’t have enough space or room to hide from the tourists.

We did meet the cutest Koala ever (I would have loved to take him home) but even he seemed sad (but perhaps he was just tired from the eucalyptus). For kids, the park and the shows or animal encounters would definitely be a nice experience but as an adult I wouldn’t go there again.


After about 3h30min, we thought we had seen everything and since it was still early, we drove through the pretty Swan Valley to stop at Margaret River Chocolate Company again and at one winery too. It’s not the same as Margaret River but absolutely worth a visit when you want to get away from Perth for an afternoon. However, because it was a really hot day, we just wanted to jump into the ocean. We took Reid Hwy all the way to the coast and landed at Trigg Beach again. I spent about 45min in the water, staying close to the beach and other people since it was quite choppy. And twice I thought I saw a fin which could have been from a shark or a dolphin but every time I looked again, it was gone. So, I thought it was just a shadow from a wave. When I got out of the water, we spent at least another hour at the beach before I made my way up to the shower. Then, an elderly guy came and almost yelled at Miriam: “Oh, that was a shocker!”

Of course, we were confused and then he said “didn’t you see the whale, it jumped up right in front of me?”


I thought he was kidding and just wanted to see us walk across the sand again (but why would he do that?). So, of course we marched back to the beach, and really, there was a whale!!! 20m off the beach, 15m away from the people!! Not a huge whale, about three times the size of a dolphin (probably a Gray’s Beaked Whale) but it was pretty cool anyways! One of the guys who already was in the water before, when I was in the water too, was still there and so I started talking to him and he said that that whale had been there the whole afternoon. Was I swimming with tomatoes on my eyes before?!?! How could I not have seen it? The lifeguards could have told us about it!

What a great finish to our Perth stay! I didn’t expect to see any whales in Australia, since I will always miss the season. And now this, and so close! Which really is a bit scary too because when it’s so easy for a big whale to come that close to a swimming area, it must be even easier for a shark. But for sharks they have a warning system. When we were surfing the other day, a car was driving up and down the beach, saying something over the speakers. Once we realized that it was something like “shark alarm” we already wanted to hurry out of the water but then we heard “no, you’re alright, we will be testing the shark alarm. Stay in the water”. So, we stayed there and soon, there was a siren. Something, new everyday here 🙂


Back in the center of Perth, it was time to say goodbye to Miriam. I’ll miss travelling with her, the past 6 weeks have been amazing! She has been a very agreeable travel partner and in all this time, we only had one bad mood day. Which for two girls is quite an achievement, I’d say 🙂

Oh and it also was time to say bye to Fred. Fred was a dead insect that had been stuck in our windshield wipers for the past three weeks but we lost him somewhere in Albany. We dropped dead Fred 🙂

Now, I’ll start my way down south again, with another person I met on gumtree. In the end, it was either going to be another girl from Germany or an Irish guy. Since I didn’t want to spend my whole time in Australia with German people (although it had worked out so well), I chose the Irish guy.

We will see how that works out:) Wild camping should be easier with him and hopefully he has a mechanical talent. Might come in handy across the Nullabor 🙂



4 thoughts on “Caversham Wildlife Park (Perth)

  1. Weisse Känguruhs? Oder sieht das nur auf dem Bild so aus? Ist der Koala auf dem Zaun echt, oder ein Plüschtier?

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