Wave Rock (Hyden)


After a great night sleep at Cozy Corner and breakfast at the windy beach, we decided to stay another day in Albany. Our first point of interest were the Blowholes. On the way there (900m downhill which we would have to climb upwards again on the way back) we met some Asians who told us that they weren’t blowing. Nevertheless, we wanted to give it a chance. It’s probably not the smartest idea to go walking around the blowholes on a windy day like today because the rock is really rather exposed. And the rumbling of the water below does sound impressive and scary. Therefore, we just watched and waited from a little distance. However, not even the tiniest drop splashed out. Quite disappointed, we started the way back up, where we met more people and a couple turned around when they heard that nothing was blowing.

Waiting for the Blowholes to blow...

Waiting for the Blowholes to blow…

We stopped at the distillery on our way back but it would have been 5$ per glass to try the whiskeys and therefore, we moved on to the shops to buy the ingredients for our salmon pasta this evening. Other than that, we didn’t do much anymore that day because the weather really didn’t play along but we didn’t feel like going to a museum. Time to head back up north!

We drove about 4 hours until we reached Hyden and it seemed with every 100km the temperature rose 10 degrees. By the time we got out of the car, we were sweating again. At the beginning of the walk towards Wave Rock, there is a machine where you have to buy a 10$ parking ticket for the car. While we were studying how this thing works, another backpacker approached us and asked us whether we wanted to have their ticket, since they were leaving anyways. How nice of them :)!

Salt Lake

Salt Lake

The walk to the rock is very short and soon we saw the massive wave towering in front of us. It was great to see this and walk around and on top of it! You cannot believe how slippery the rock was. The places where we took pictures don’t look steep at all but we had a hard time getting up there and staying there 🙂 Now, it was too hot for us again, that we didn’t feel like doing one of the longer hikes and it would have been nice to reach Perth today. Therefore, we enjoyed our lunch at the bbq area and then drove on to Perth. It all went fine until about 90km before Perth, when there suddenly was a loud thud and I thought a bird had hit our car or something. So, we slowed down and looked for something lying on the road, but didn’t see anything. So, we stopped at the side of the road and I went to have a look at the car and by the water around the hood, I already knew that the plastic lid of the cooling liquid must have exploded off again. Easy fix, I thought. The car must have overheated without us noticing that the temperature meter was going up. We waited for a while and I refilled the cooling liquid and when Miriam wanted to start the car again, nothing worked. Shock :S


And then I realized why, because all the liquid I had just poured in, was leaking out of the car. Leaking in waterfalls. There was no way we would make it back to Perth. I already saw myself having to get rid of the car. Well at least I had seen WA…And we had just told a guy who asked us whether he should tow us into the next town that we didn’t need him, we just had to let the car cool down…Luckily, this was a busy road. The next three cars didn’t stop but the fourth car did and omg, we couldn’t have been more lucky in our unlucky situation!!! It was a couple and the guy looked a bit like my first boyfriends dad 🙂 That calmed me down a little since Mr. Williams always was a really kind man.


They told us that they drove past us but then thought that we looked like two girls who needed help and so they came back. ‘Mr Williams’ started rummaging through the hood of my car, trying to find the reason for the leak. After 5 minutes (I’m surprised he found it at all because it was so hidden), he went ‘aha’ and then took a tent bag out of his car. Miriam gave me a weird look to ask what he wanted to do with a tent now but once he opened it, we saw that there were spare car parts in it. Who in the world carries spare hoses in the car?! It must be about 5 people in one million and one of them stopped for us :)! He took the part out that was exploded and then spent at least 45min to put the new part on, which he cut into the right size with my Swiss army knife (at least I found a use for that:)). It was really in a stupid position but somehow he managed to put it there. We filled the car up with liquid again and NOTHING leaked 🙂 And the best thing was, that the car started too!


So, we might actually have a chance to make it to Perth. The guy just told us that we should not drive more than 80 because it could just blow off again, since it wasn’t the exact part that was needed and might not stand the pressure. So, we crept along the roads, trying not to kill any animals (it was dark by now) and trying not to piss of the few cars that came up behind us (only one of them showed us the finger…).

Of course the nice couple, our saviors, didn’t want to accept anything for their help (and that although it was extremely hard work, what this guy managed to do). So, the least I could do was give them some chocolate. They took that and drove off. We don’t even know their names…:S


We made it to Perth and the campground we wanted (Camp Wattle Grove) but by then were just too exhausted to really do anything. It took us about 15min to open a cider bottle because we just didn’t have any strength anymore. And since it was dark, the caretakers felt sorry for us and drove up with their cars to shine some light on the place where we had to put the tent up (ugh, a bed would have been so nice).

After that, at some point, we finally managed to sit down and have some food and then crawl into our lovely tent, without the raincoat, because the temperature was still nice.

So, it wasn’t the best day we had but it surely was an adventure and just proved again, like so many times on this trip already, that there are so many such great people in the world. Complete strangers go way out of their way to help someone. I hope they know how much this help is appreciated. Then, I always think, I hope I can take this home and pay it forward.


Before I finally passed out in the tent, I had another minute of insecurity. It sounded as if someone was running toward our tent and would accidentally run over it. The next moment, two kangaroos were jumping past our tent. We are at the edge of Perth city and it’s the first time a kangaroo hopped so close to our tent 🙂 Then, I loved camping again 🙂

And guess who properly fixed Hero the next day and put the right hose into the right place? Jess again…The work wasn’t any easier that day since it was still in the worst place behind the engine. I feel so bad that he has to keep fixing my car. Back in Switzerland, I’ll return to public transportation, where at least it won’t be my responsibility to keep a car running. Or get a boyfriend who knows how to fix things.

Porongroup NP, Castle Rock

Porongroup NP, Castle Rock


2 thoughts on “Wave Rock (Hyden)

  1. Wow! What an intense adventurous day. Sounds like you were very lucky with the car situation. Wish I was there to participate in all the fun, sights & adventures. Stay safe & enjoy!

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