Margaret River – The land of milk and honey


From our campsite it was only a short drive to Margaret River. We had to laugh at the distances that were all below 50km. After the north, where we made over 300km when it was a driving day, this seemed like a short detour to get something from the supermarket.

We stopped at the visitor center, where they told us that they’d have wifi after office hours and they gave us a map with all the wineries. We had planned to do a wine tour, however, during the half day tour, you’d only visit two wineries and all the other places we could visit on our own anyways (like the cheese and chocolate factory). Therefore, we thought we’d do one winery in the morning, have lunch and then do one later in the afternoon and have a break again. The lady at the visitor center marked all the wineries for us, where they’d have sweet wines.


Our first stop was the Berry Farm. We tried some delicious olive tapenade, jams and oils and then proceeded to the wine bar, where we ran into the best guy to meet in Margaret River. Sean said we could chose six beverages to try and we tried a few ciders, port wines and sparkling wines. All the while he was telling us about the background of the wines. They were all delicious!! Sean, asked us about our vacation and in the end he said, if we’d get stuck, we could call him and camp in his front yard. He told us that he lived on a farm stay with lots of backpackers on the premises who do work and travel. He would have given us more wines to try but we really needed some lunch in our stomachs first. There would be restaurants with good food and we probably could have treated ourselves to this for once. But we also wanted to try some of the fresh olives and cheeses from the region and I hadn’t had salami in almost a month. Therefore, we bought several little things we found in the factory stores (omg, try the smoked cheddar!!) and the supermarkets and put a beautiful lunch platter together which we enjoyed in the shadow of a tree.


Then we made our way to Margaret River Nuts and Cereals and after that the chocolate factory. The prices there are horrendous but that’s probably because you get to try so much for free. There are buckets with chocolate drops inside, to which you can help yourself. And the chocolate is really good! Afterwards, I felt a little sick 🙂 Time for something to drink. We drove to the Cheecky Monkey brewery. Unfortunately, there you’d have to buy a tasting rack but that would have been too much for us. They gave us two ales to try anyways but I didn’t like them. In the winery right next to the brewery you could try the wines for free though.

After that, we made our way to Rivermouth Beach. Wow, what a view!! Margaret River is food heaven and stunningly beautiful at the same time! If I did work and travel, I’d definitely look for a job here.


Unfortunately, we were too cold to swim and therefore drove back into town after a while, to use the wifi. Once we started to look for a campground in the national park, it was already getting dark which made it a lot harder to find the campsite. We didn’t find it. And didn’t want to keep driving in the dark (there were rabbits everywhere). So, we felt stuck enough to call Sean and ask whether we could camp on his lawn. He said of course and we tried to find his place. We thought we were wrong again but then actually ended up at the right place 🙂 He introduced us to his house mate and his two cute boys. They were all so welcoming that they even let us sleep in their living room (which was great since the temperatures outside really are cold during the night and we could use a little vacation from that.)

His house mate, Rupert, offered us to take us fishing the next day. In the morning however, we first went on a walk on the beautiful property. It was as if we landed in Oz or Wonderland. Windmills, treehouses and animals in a lush nature. Beautiful!! After that we drove to another winery, then stopped for ice cream at Millers, tried to find another brewery but the access was so hard due to road works, that we drove to Yahava Coffee Works instead. We got to taste three black coffees. I really felt awake after that! To finish this, we got to try one of the syrups you put in milk and then it tastes like ice coffee or chai latte. So delicious! Next to the coffee place was Vasse Virgin. They have delicious oils, pestos and lotions. We felt like coming out of a spa afterwards 🙂


The stop before lunch was Stella Bella. The lady there was also very friendly and the wines great. After that, we had some of our lunch platter again and then visited Sean at the Berry Farm. Then it was already time to meet Rupert for fishing. We climbed down to a beautiful beach and onto a rock, against which the waves splashed. They would never reach us though. Rupert showed us how to cast out the rods and we tried to catch some herring. It was fun and addictive but unfortunately we didn’t catch anything. So, sausages, potatoes and salad for dinner. We had another nice evening and since the guy were so great and were raving about an apocalyptic dinner that would be on the next evening, we decided to stay another day in Margaret River.



On our third morning, we drove to Redgate Beach. Another beautiful beach but it was still very choppy and the water cold. The sun was up, so that it was agreeable but again we didn’t feel like jumping into the waves. So, we left to find another winery. We drove into the Voyager Estate because we thought that the name sounded nice. Wow, what beautiful premises!! And nice wines too. We had lunch on the English lawn next to the rose garden.

That was the last winery we visited here. If you only have one day in Margaret River, I’d recommend visiting these places:

The Berry Farm


Chocolate Factory

Dairy Factory (Cheese)

Voyager Estate

We drank a coffee in town but the restaurant threw us out at 2.30pm because they were closing (?!), so we went shopping for dinner and then started baking and cooking the Flammkuchen for the guys. Unfortunately, the oven here work with gas and therefore it took much longer until they were ready but luckily they still tasted ok.


We took some of them with us to the apocalyptic dinner. They call it this way, because everybody has to bring something good to eat and the dinner will be a real feast. The food really was delicious and the dinner was at such a cool place. It was a small house with a porch that was facing a big, wild backyard. Sitting there, sipping on a glass of red wine, eating nice food really made life complete. And these people get to live in such a beautiful place every day…I’d definitely come back to Margaret River if I ever make it to Australia again.


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