Our share of Road Trains


On our route back to Perth, the first place we could call civilized was Newman because there were many shops, the gas was cheaper and in the visitor center, we were allowed to sit down in the café and use the internet (that was so strong that I could finally upload some pictures, yay).

On the Great Northern Hwy, we really got our share of road trains. They sometimes were 5 trucks long or wider than the whole road, so that we had to drive down into the dirt and wait until they passed. We were really careful with overtaking them but still, we were probably holding our breath the whole time because the last wagon could start slithering uncontrollably. But driving behind them was bad for our windshield and if I slowed down too much, we’d soon be sandwiched in between two trucks. The coastal highway was definitely more relaxing.


Unfortunately, we missed the road to the campsite we wanted to stay and so ended up in Meekatherra, a town mostly populated by Aborigines. The campground owners were really friendly but otherwise, this time I thought that the place looked like out of a horror movie. We slept in a caravan park that looked quite deserted and there were laundry racks that turned in circles although nobody moved them. There only was a small grass patch right next to the main road only divided by a fence, so we could enjoy the view of the road trains that would drive by. At least we met three really nice guys who worked in the mines. They offered us a beer (heaven, after a day of driving) and after a delicious dinner (we found discounted hamburger meat with onions and cheese, that turned out to be extremely good), the Irish guy started singing songs to us. Irish people are always so much fun to be around! They slept in their swags (looks like a pool chair that is covered by a tent).


The next day we spent on the road again with only one sightseeing spot in New Norcia, a small town with pretty houses and good drinking water in front of the public toilets.

Finally, we reached Perth and spent two more nights in the Underground Backpackers. The owner was very happy to see us again and even gave us a renovated room this time, with a double bed. Still for 20$/pp!! And on the second evening, the Malaysians asked us to come celebrate one of the girls’ birthdays with them. They brought us to a Spanish chocolate café with delicious drinks and desserts! And that after we had already visited the Margaret River Chocolate Company in Perth that day (you get free samples in the store, mhhh). The chocolate actually is good here! Just double the price from Switzerland.

Mining Pit, Meekatherra

Mining Pit, Meekatherra

My car needed some more liquids and Jess spent a whole morning making it work better. Thank you!

So, now we’re ready to leave again.


One thought on “Our share of Road Trains

  1. Da hast du ja wirklich Glück gehabt mit dieser Unterkunft bei den Malaysiern und Jess scheint auch ein Goldstück zu sein. 🙂

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