Coral Bay – prettiest beach so far


We left at 8am, topped up our fuel at the Overlander Roadhouse for $1.73/l and then drove through to Canarvon, where we stocked our food up and had lunch (we bought celery and an extremely delicious hummus dip and enjoyed this on a bench in the a/c of the small shopping center. Of course there wasn’t any wifi let alone a McDonalds (some travelers told us the next one would be in Broome, so there goes that thought with publishing some blog posts).

Then, we pretty much drove straight through to the beach place Coral Bay. The whole 400km that day, we had the exact same landscape; therefore I was glad whenever we were driving behind another car and at least had something to distract the eyes or focus on. Oh, and there was something new we saw: clouds. For the first time since we’ve arrived in Australia, we’ve seen several clouds and I think I even saw three raindrops on the windshield.


There are only three places to stay in Coral Bay and not really anything else except for the paradise-like beach. We already did some snorkeling when we arrived in the evening and the reef really begins after you’ve walked 10m into the water. There weren’t too many colors or corals on the rocks but we did see really nice and cool looking fish.

Stopping for breakfast. Muesli on a rest area ;)

Stopping for breakfast. Muesli on a rest area 😉

The next day, we could sleep until 8am (!) since our tent was in the shade 🙂 The rest of the day we spent at the beach, snorkeling and relaxing. The first part of the water was so clear and a light blue, that we felt like we were swimming in a pool. Then, when the water gets deeper and the reef starts, the color changes to a darker blue. Luckily, there are some shade stands at the beginning of the sand and even though I spent the whole day in the shade when I wasn’t in the water and I was even wearing a shirt for snorkeling, I got burned on my arms and legs. Ugh, and people told us that there is no shade what so ever in Cape Range National Park, where we want to go tomorrow. We’ll have to see how we can create some shade for us.



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