Flies, heat and a beautiful view (Kalbarri National Park)

Kalbarri NP

Kalbarri NP

On Sunday, right after breakfast, we took off to Kalbarri NP. Two minutes out of town, there are the national park headquarters. But of course, they were closed today and again, we couldn’t get a refund for our ticket to the Pinnacles park and also, we’d have to buy another daily ticket to Kalbarri NP. Only, first we’d have to find the entrance of the park. We thought it was close to Kalbarri but when we didn’t find the entrance at the headquarters, we were clueless for a while. On the map it looked like it was further down the road but after 10km I started thinking that this was just a waste of petrol. Just, as I wanted to turn around, we saw a little sign that pointed us to the places we wanted to go. At the entrance, we had to get a ticket. Luckily, combined we had 12$ in coins and so received our tickets out of the machine. I don’t know whether anyone in the park controlled us but everyone we saw was honest and retrieved a ticket out of the machine.

Miriam and I

Miriam and I

On an extremely bumpy road, we proceeded to nature’s window. This was a first challenge for Hero and us and when we arrived at the first lookout point after 30km, I first had to eat some of my chocolate (or I wanted to eat it but since it melted it was more like power gel). The view over the gorges was beautiful. Then, we drove on to the second parking lot. I was glad that there were always other cars and people, because I really wouldn’t want to be stranded out here alone. But there weren’t too many people and we could take our pictures without any disturbances.


The walk to Nature’s Window is 500m, which means 1km, since you also have to walk back. Pha, that’s nothing, you probably think. Then try walking in this heat…The hike down to the window was easy, since we were raving about the view and wanted to get to the window. The platform at the window and the rock bridge itself were really cool! Once we had seen enough, we started the way back and then we really felt the sun burning on our skin. We didn’t walk fast or did unnecessary movements but we hardly made it back up. It was sooo hot and once we reached the top with a hut and chairs, we first had to sit down in the shade for a minute and let our hearts come to rest. Then the only medicine was sugar and water 🙂 After a little break, we felt strong enough to enjoy the view once more and then drive back into town. It was an awesome feeling to drive on such dirt roads and sand and see all these funny grass trees. Still, I was glad when we finally got back onto the normal road. In Kalbarri, the first thing we had to do was get more gas. Unfortunately, there was no cheap gas in this town and now won’t be cheap for along way up north 😦


After that, we had lunch and then packed our things to go snorkeling at the Blue Holes. It was a nice spot 1km south of Kalbarri, where a reef is protecting smaller reefs from the waves. It was the first time for Miriam to snorkel, so even though there were only about 4 different kinds of fish, it was still fun. And it was beautiful to watch the white foam of the waves roll towards us and always disappear before it reached us. Then we drove on to Red Bluff Beach and enjoyed the rock formations there. We decided to drive back to the beach in town to swim there again because the waves at Red Bluff were quite big and frequent.

Bumpy, dusty road

Bumpy, dusty road

This evening, we managed for the first time to cook and eat while it was still light out and now, we even have time to just enjoy the evening here 🙂 (There even is a breeze now, so I think sleeping will be more agreeable today).

And suddenly, there is a road again :)

And suddenly, there is a road again 🙂


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