Don’t miss the cliffs (Jurain Bay to Kalbarri)

Fiiiiinally! The first time I have enough internet to upload some pictures on the blog. Sitting in the visitor center in Newman. All between Perth up to Exmouth and then back across the inland we didn’t find a strong enough wifi…


We left Jurian Bay after a bowl of muesli with yoghurt. Now Miriam felt ready to also give driving on the other side of the road a go and so she drove us safely to Geralton. There wasn’t much to see on the drive (I have no idea how long we usually are on the road because every time, I forget to look and I have no feeling for time with all these exciting and new things we see). A lot of dry farmland. But we did see some horses and cows, so I know they can produce yoghurt here. Why is it still so expensive then?

In Geralton, we bought a sponge to make our dishwashing easier, enjoyed the a/c of the shopping center and Target’s free wifi.

Just 2,4 km further of Chapman St we found a rest area thanks to my wiki camps Australia app. It was directly at the beach and there were toilets and showers. We took our pick- nick blankett and ate self-made tomato and cheese sandwiches in the shade at the beach.


Then I drove again to attack the second part of our route today. Again there was a whole lot of nothing until we reached Kalbarri. Before we drove into town, we took a detour to Natures Window Lookout. It’s a beautiful lookout point over cliffs and the waves of the Indian Ocean. Then, we also drove to the lookout point before that where we had a view on the cliffs from the other side. There also was a kangaroo resting in the shade of a bush but when Miriam got closer, it growled at her and so she just left it in peace.

We got into the car again, trying to get rid of all the annoying flies (I’ve read about them on many other blogs but now I know that they really are a plague!) After 10 more minutes, we finally reached the town. Since we will stay here two nights we thought that we should stay on a campsite with facilities and after having a look at Big River Ranch (they had a pool and many horses but we didn’t see any other campers) we decided to stay at Murchison River Campsite for 16$ each, unpowered. We received a nice spot with a lot of shade and discovered that there’s a kitchen with a freezer and power plugs. So the first thing we did after this hot day was making ice tea and freezing a bottle of water for our cooler. Then we had a well-deserved bath in the shallow and calm bay. When we walked back to our tent, we passed a guy who was washing and cutting up two big fish. My “wow” was so loud, that he heard us and then offered us two nice filets. Therefore, we postponed our chicken breast for tomorrow and had fish rice and pepper instead.

Flie net is the way to go!

Flie net is the way to go!

Once I went to bed, it was still very warm. Too warm to really be able to sleep in the tent but we tried anyways. It only really cooled down in the middle of the night and shortly after 7am the sun chased us out of our tent again.


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