Could you please teach me how to change a tire? (Perth)


Finally, the inside of my car is starting to look good as well and I will be able to leave tomorrow, woohoo 🙂 On the other hand, I’ve just started to realize, what a cool quarter Northbridge is. So many cool bars and there is some kind of special at a different pub or club every night. Today (Thursday) I had a steak with fries and a drink for 15$ at the Court. In addition, it was quiz night and so my dinner was quite entertaining. I went there with Miriam, who is spending the night at the hostel with me, that we can buy the last things we need tomorrow morning and then head towards north. We might have been the only straight people in that pub 🙂


Yesterday, I also walked past a public yoga class in a small park right close to the Mustang bar and I even found a small Chinatown. I’m sure I’d discover a lot more if I stayed in Perth for longer.

After having spent most of the day in car shops and camping stores, I was glad, when we finally drove to Heirisson Island, parked the car and could walk along the path under welcoming shade from trees. The island with the water around it looks very pretty. It would be awesome to swim here but there are “no swimming” signs and the water is probably not deep and clean enough.

IMG_0266 IMG_0271

One side of the island is a normal park, where you can walk around. The other side is the same, except that there are semi-wild living kangaroos. We had to enter inside the fence to the part with the kangaroos through a door you would normally find at a pet zoo. The first kangaroo we spotted came hopping through a forest. It let me come so close that I could actually pet it. But once it realized that I didn’t have any food, it lost interest in me. Afterwards, we found a whole group of kangaroos and none of them was scared of us. That was quite a cool experience!


After that, I had new energy to learn some things about my car and therefore, Jess showed me what liquids I’ll have to check and how to change a tire. Yes…I’d never have thought I’d learn that in this life. But for touring Australia, the more information I have about my car, the better.


And tomorrow, Miriam will start our way up north and into the wild 😉


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