I <3 Freo (Fremantle)


Freo is a town just south of Perth. From there you can take the ferry to Rottenest Island which is supposed to be really nice. I unfortunately haven’t found the time to go there yet, but what I’ve seen of Fremantle itself has made me fall in love with it already. One cuter café after the other, loads of nice bars with live music and beautiful houses everywhere.


From Friday to Sunday there’s a big market in a market hall which you shouldn’t miss! Be hungry when you go there because they sell so many nice foods and sweets from all over the world (even German Bratwurst) and if you go around 4pm the fruit section will start reducing the prices. There is also a section with clothes, jewelry and other nice things.

Amy and Claire in action

Amy and Claire in action


After the market, I walked to the beach and discovered something like a fort. From the top, there is a beautiful view over the ocean and once you walk back down, you will reach a very picturesque harbor.

IMG_0089 IMG_0096 IMG_0105

I also walked through the tunnel below the fort and what else should be in a tunnel but a piano? And really at least someone of every group that walked by quickly stopped and played something. I shook my head only to discover later that there are public pianos everywhere in the city and other instruments too. What a cool idea! I guess you can do that if it never rains…I asked Claire whether she thinks if it will rain this or next month and she said most likely not or only under 10min at a time 🙂

Random piano in a tunnel

Random piano in a tunnel


Apart from the beautiful beach side and the pretty city, there are many places with free wifi, so everything a big LIKE 🙂 Also in Perth, the city center is equipped with fast working free wifi. Anyways, if I wanted to find a place to stay for a longer time, Perth and surroundings surely wouldn’t get boring.

That's what I call a cookie!

That’s what I call a cookie!

Park with ping pong tables

Park with ping pong tables



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