Let’s go buy you a car! (Perth)

Slowly, I’m adjusting to Australian time and every night, I sleep better now. I feel like a baby who is learning to sleep through the night 🙂

View on Perth from Kings Park at night

View on Perth from Kings Park at night

When I left the hostel, Jess, a couchsurfer, picked me up in the center of Perth. I was in contact with him before I left home because he offered to help me buy a car. He brought me to his beautiful house (all the houses here look like vacation homes to me, so it must be really nice to live in there full time :)) and we had delicious sandwiches while looking up potential cars on the computer. We postponed visiting the cars to the next day because in the afternoon, I was supposed to meet Jessica, another couchsurfer, which would be my host for the following two nights.

Jessica also made me feel welcome right away and told me I should just make myself at home. The couch was actually too short for me to sleep on it, so I took out my exped mat that at least I didn’t bring it in vain. We then went to the coffee shop Jessica works at and afterwards went to a pub with her friends from work. They were all really nice and funny and Amy was so cool to invite me over to her house after my two nights at Jessicas.


Funny how there’s always a bicycle at every beach, ready to be put on a picture…


On Wednesday, Jessica and I went to Cottesloe beach. The ocean looked beautiful and since it was already pretty hot, we jumped into the water right away. The water was pretty cold but once you’re in it, you get used to it. The water was pretty calm and no sharks to be seen 😉


For lunch, we had some really delicious wraps from Weir’s Kitchen (88 Broadway, Nedlands) and at 2pm Jess picked me up again to go have a look at a car. By then it was extremely hot and I already started to melt by just standing in the shade. I’ve already found the car on gumtree.com.au when I was still in Switzerland. It sounded like a great backpacker car (Toyota Corolla wagon 2wd which can be switched to all wheel drive) with already heaps of camping gear in it.

The color is a bit worn out at some spots and it will need some fixing but the owner was kind enough to go down with the price to 1000$ and with the fixing it will come to around 2,500$. Then it should be reliable and in good shape and ready to take me around the country 🙂 Can’t wait to finally get started 🙂

Of course, when I did the test drive, Jess told me that the handle bar for the blinkers and the windshield wipers are on reversed sides here but when I made the first turn a minute after he told me, I put on the windshield wipers anyways. That will probably happen a few more times 🙂

Bell tower by night

Bell tower by night

When I got back to Jessica’s, it was still sizzling hot and so we decided to go to the beach again. After a cooling bath in the now choppier water we enjoyed a hot chocolate and a salad on the sand, while watching the sun set. On the way back to the house, we made a short stop at Kings Park for a short walk in the nice evening air and to have a view on Perth at night.

IMG_9899 IMG_9933

On Friday, Jessica was on call for work, therefore I took the bus to the city alone and first entered a room from the Fringe Festival where artistic movies were displayed. That wasn’t really my taste but it was a nice change to be away from the sun and to sit down for a moment. After that I visited the Art Gallery. Apart from being nicely air conditioned it was free and had awesome paintings from Australian artists as well as Picassos and the famous French painters! Really worth the visit! There are also some other museums in Perth that are for free.

20140221_122634 20140221_122715
Then my stomach said that lunch was overdue and so I went to the food court to have Pad Thai for 10$. In Thailand I only paid 2$ for their most famous dish. Yep, food and drinks in Australia aren’t cheap.
Then I wanted to go to Herrison Island.
It’s below a bridge that leads out of the center of Perth and it’s like a free pet zoo for kangaroos. However, when I got there by taking a free city bus, I realized that it would be too far to walk there at 38 degrees with the chance that the kangaroos aren’t even out yet because it’s too hot (best chance is shortly before sunset, that’s when the rangers feed them).
Now that I have to wait for my car to get ready, I’ll probably have the time to go back there another evening.


Also some artistic humor at the art gallery

I took the bus back to Jessica’s to pack my suitcase and then move to her friend Amy’s house.
She and her housemate Claire cooked a really delicious pasta with garlic bread. I wasn’t allowed to help since they were a great kitchen team, probably thanks to working at a food place together 🙂
After dinner the very lively spirited Amy turned the evening into a girls dance party, which was a lot of fun and made me wish that I lived in a shared apartment with some friends!
That night I had a room to myself on a big blow up mattress.

On Saturday, Jess picked me up to go watch a rugby game for which he was a referee. It was the best team of WA playing against the best team from Perth. The guest team players were mostly Maori from New Zealand (so many people from NZ live in Australia!!) and they won 44-12.


It was a very entertaining game with a lot of movement. Afterwards we quickly cooled off with a swim in the ocean and then it was time to buy my car 🙂
I now possess a Toyota Corolla 4wd wagon and so far it has been no problem to drive on the left side 🙂 The only thing I am still missing is someone to come with me.

Back with the girls we went to practice for their upcoming beach volleyball game. In the evening, another friend from their work was over, who was also really nice and gave me his WA road atlas. I’ve been extremely lucky with my couchsurfers here! Such a nice group of people! I’ll try to meet Simon up north next week, because he will be camping and fishing there and told me he’d take us out on the boat 🙂 And finally, I found a girl from Germany on gumtree, who’d like to travel with me. I’ll meet her on Monday to see whether our plans and personalities match up. (Now it is Monday and Miriam is really cool and we want to do exactly the same thing, so I finally have someone to come with me and we will hopefully be able to leave on 28 or 29 February.)


3 thoughts on “Let’s go buy you a car! (Perth)

  1. yes pretty cool. 1983 i paid for a station wagon chevi 75, a wrack, which was much bigger than yours 1000 us $. i 4saled it for 900 after 3 month. good luck for the same luck. you think 2500 is ok? how old. how is the exchange? btw when is sunset and sunrise?

  2. Nun bist du bereits eine Woche in Australien. Nachdem was du bis heute bereits erlebt hast, könnte es viel länger sein… Weiterhin so viel Glück beim Zusammentreffen mit netten Leuten. – Das mit dem Scheibenwischer ist uns früher auch immer passiert. Falls du einmal nicht mehr weisst, ob du jetzt auf der richtigen Strassenseite bist: Das Steuerrad muss bei der Mittellinie sein.

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