A typical girls’ afternoon

My friend Hedi (lenedy.wordpress.com/) often does photo shootings. Last week she told me that she’d like to swap the roles for once and give directions behind the camera with me as a model. I thought, yay, fun, why not?

When I saw the outfit she had picked out for me, I thought that uh-oooh, perhaps I shouldn’t have been that open. I’d NEVER wear anything like that in public except for Halloween and Carneval and since she wanted to do an outdoor shooting, I actually had to walk through the streets of my hometown in that outfit 🙂 Good that I brought my winter coat and could hide at least the top part until we were in a hidden alley 🙂

However, the shooting turned out to be a lot of fun and I’d do something similar again right away!

See for yourself:

sträfling boden IMG_20130929_112232 smile gitter lichtschein helle wand IMG_20130930_113859 IMG_20130930_113532 IMG_20130929_103408 IMG_20130930_112815 IMG_20130930_113133 sitzen sonne


Thanks, Hedi! 🙂 Before prom you will have to make some time for me to do my hair again 🙂


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