How to escape the heat in KL

The best way to do this is by staying inside malls, which are always very air-conditioned. Here not as much as in Bangkok. In KL, I was never freezing, even in short clothes. It was the perfect indoor temperature.
So, I basically spent two days inside all the different shopping centers of KL. There are so many that you easily could fill a week with just walking through malls.


A whole building full of electronics (Low Yat)

I also learned that sometimes you can buy a metro coin to your final destination even with having to change trains somewhere. But not even the Malaysian people could tell me for sure when I had to do what. You probably have to pay twice when there is a dotted line.
I wanted to rest my foot a little and not walk too much. This didn’t work out too well the first day since I think that you see so much more of a city by walking and so I walked and walked and walked.
Plaza Low Yat really is a place just for electronic devices. I got lost inside Sungei Wang Plaza because it’s like a huge bazaar on several floors. Finally, I ended up at the Pavilion, the newest mall in town. It contains brand stores on the rather expensive side but I liked it for Tokyo Street (a section with only Japanese stores) and all the international restaurants. Surely not the cheapest place to eat in KL. But the place to go if you crave a good European beer, sushi, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish or Mexican food (the guacamole there was really good!). There even was a salsa bar, which I unfortunately discovered too late.



Despite all the walking, I think my foot is healing properly.
The second day, I spent more time sitting in restaurants eating, drinking fruit smoothies or tea and writing post cards. The funny thing was when a Malaysian family asked me whether they could take a picture of me writing the post card. They thought it was very cute that I still do that. Well, I love receiving them and so I think I should keep up sending them too. Plus, when I send them home, I can always look at the places I’ve been to hanging on our wall πŸ™‚
After two more days in KL I was slightly worried that not everything would fit inside my backpack. However, I seem to have a very good packing system because it was no problem.



Before I left Switzerland, I packed everything into separate plastic bags, sorted after themes (things I need to sleep, towel and bathing suit, proper clothes, used clothes,…). Like that, I just have to grab the right bag from the backpack without searching for too long. In addition, I left some space in the beginning and I brought a few things I knew I wouldn’t bring back home, like sun screen bottles and toilet paper. So, I actually gained more space to buy new souvenirs over time πŸ™‚ I just hope nothing breaks until I’m home.

sushi again and again :)

sushi again and again πŸ™‚


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