Back to civilization

When I got up at 8.30 I was glad to see that the weather and the paths were dry again. Now I also knew what that loud noise was. There were big geese walking around in the yard.

I took all my things (they really get heavier every time), handed in my key, said “terima kashi” for their hospitality and walked the path to the bus station. In Switzerland, I always make it to the train station right on the dot. Here however, I thought I should be there at least half an hour early if not 45min, since I didn’t know for sure if there was a bus at all or whether it would come early or late. So, I was relieved when I saw the green minivan. I wasn’t so happy about all the backpackers that waited already though. We’d never fit in it! Luckily, they had all pre booked tickets with tour company buses. The same driver I had talked to two days ago arrived and recognized me and so a few other tourists and I loaded our bags into the car. I asked the driver whether I could go buy some breakfast and asked another tourist to keep an eye on my backpack. I just wanted to make sure that they’d notice if they left without me. Sometimes, it’s annoying to be on your own and it would be useful to be able to split in two. I ran up the hill to the only open restaurant and got my 3 slices of toast with jam to take away. I was thankful that these people opened up their place for the tourists during their holiday. Otherwise, I’d have had to eat chips and cookies for the past 2 days. They probably made a fortune though, since everyone HAD to come eat there.
I quickly walked back to the bus, which to my relief was still there. The driver nodded at me, told the others to get on and off we were at 9.40am. 20min before everyone told me that the bus was leaving.
The official tourist bus had arrived as well by then and all the other tourists were still waiting to get on.
The drive to Jerantut (7 RM) took about 2 hours and all I saw were green trees and palm trees, a few monkeys crossing the road, cows and some other cars or houses. We picked up a Malay at a bus stop half way there but other than that, the drive was quick and without stops. By the way, I only decided to go to KL by the land route because I already arrived by boat. In case you arrive by bus, you should really leave by boat and then bus because the boat ride is beautiful, relaxing and fun! However, if you take an official tour company, you will pay way too much (75 RM to get to KL). Therefore, you don’t have to stress yourself because you can be sure that you will get there.
Usually, there is a direct bus from Jerantut to KL. But of course due to the holiday there was not. At least the bus driver knew that we had to take a bus to Temerloh (6.50 RM) and then go to KL from there. Two German girls and I arrived just in time to hop on the other bus (a normal public bus with mostly local people). After an hour, we got off at the main road in Temerloh (the bus drove on) and had to walk 100m to the bus station. A guy walked me to the counter with buses to Singapore. The next one was at 2.30pm only. I asked whether there was an earlier bus anywhere but they said no. It was my luck that I spoke German and heard that the same girls from before just purchases two tickets on a bus at 1pm. I managed to get a ticket as well and so we were off on another maybe 2,5 hour ride to KL (17 RM). We stopped at the Titiwangsa bus station from where I took the metro to Plaza Rakyat, which is right at the Puduraya station next to Chinatown. I was starving by then and therefore I just needed something to eat I knew I’d like as quickly as possible. Sometimes it’s comforting to know that McDonalds tastes the same all around the world! It tasted even better now, but probably because I was so hungry. And it’s fun to pay only a third of the price I’d have paid in Switzerland.
I checked into the dorm of Oasis hostel again.

Lake Gardens KL

Lake Gardens KL

After relaxing for a while and catching up with the people, I decided to go for a walk to the Lake Gardens. It’s a nice park, obviously with a lake. I’d come here more often if I lived in KL. Surprisingly, there were hardly any people in the park. I’ve heard that about other parks too. Either, Malays don’t have time to go to a park or they just don’t really like sitting outdoors. In Europe, a place like this would be packed with people!
Two British girls and I figured out the way to KL Sentral (it was quite complicated because everything was under construction) where I bought a milk tea. But first, the vendors at Chatime gave me all kinds of jelly things to try, which I could have put inside the tea. They couldn’t believe that I didn’t like these very artificial gummy pieces and thought it was very funny how I grimaced about things they thought were delicious. The tea was very good though 🙂

The real stonehenge is actually in KL

The real stonehenge is actually in KL

Back at the hostel I joined some other people around a table. A Malay girl had brought some left-overs from Hari Raya and again, I was offered delicious food.
You’d think that I should be tired after such an eventful day. But I caught up on so much sleep at Taman Negara that I only had a very light sleep that night and woke up every time someone walked past my bed.


3 thoughts on “Back to civilization

  1. Norman hat uns geschrieben und gemeint, du seist ja jetzt näher bei Ihnen als bei uns und sie würden dich erwarten 🙂 .

    • Oh, wie nett!!! ich habe hier schon so viele neuseeländer getroffen, dass ich fast noch dort rüber muss wenn ich in australien bin 🙂 aber vielleicht könnt ihr dann ja mitkommen :)?

      • Ja, würde schon gerne wieder mal gehen, aber im Moment bebt dort die Erde etwas oft. 😦

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