How about a cup of tea?

The people at the hostel recommended us to have breakfast at a food place just down the road of the hostel below plastic tents. Very warm hearted deaf people were working there. We had to write on a paper what we wanted to eat but they also tried to communicate with us about more than just food. It was very cute! And the pancakes (more like crêpes) with fresh strawberries were good and cheap!

Breakfast place

Breakfast place

Typical view in Tanah Rata, not exactly the green tea carpet valley I expected

Typical view in Tanah Rata, not exactly the green tea carpet valley I expected

Afterwards, I walked to the tourism office, where I had booked the basic country tour (25 RM). I just wanted to see the tea plantation anything else would not have been necessary. But alone it’s hardly possible to go to the plantation and therefore I didn’t have any other option. We were on a spacious bus with about 20 people and a nice guide that spoke clearly but it sounded very well learned by heart. I felt like on a tour in Turkey, where you have to go to carpet and leather factories if you want to see a waterfall. First, we stopped at the butterfly farm, which was an additional 5 RM. It was worth it though because they also had other insects and reptiles. I loved the walking sticks and leaves because they looked like creatures out of the Neverending Story. Plus, I saw my first alive scorpions. They even took some out for the visitors to hold up but I wasn’t too set on touching the sting of one of these animals.


Do you see the walking leaf? It actually climbed from the right branch to the big one when I took the picture

IMG_7643  IMG_7635IMG_7624

Then, we went on to a strawberry farm. Just a quick look to take pictures and then enough time to buy something at the restaurant or in the shop. The freshly pressed strawberry juices looked too delicious and they really tasted the way they looked 🙂

Viev from the back side of the tea farm

Viev from the back side of the tea farm

Afterwards, we finally reached the tea plantation. Here also just a quick stop to take some pictures. Then, we could walk through the factory, which was interesting but only took a few minutes. It strongly smelled like tea though, the whole time. Of course, there was another shop and a restaurant with a beautiful terrace from where we had a view over a tea valley. Very pretty and the picture every tourist is going to take 🙂


Then, the tour wasn’t finished. We drove on to the rose garden, which also would have cost another 4 RM. I didn’t go inside, since there already were pretty flowers at all the other places we had seen today and the ones who went inside said I didn’t miss anything.


Another stop (with a shop) at a bee farm and then a short stop at a Buddhist temple before we got back to Tanah Rata. I first had lunch at Rosette (they had chicken with ginger and spring onions, which was so delicious in Cambodia). Afterwards, I thought I should show my foot to a doctor. I’ve had a blister for more than a week now and two more from the hike to the waterfall and they seem to get worse every day. And I’ll need my feet for surfing in Bali! Moreover, a very nice British couple on my tour told me that their daughter, who is a doctor, told them that the hospitals in Malaysia are very advanced and that if you got sick in SEA, you should do that in Malaysia. So, I thought better show it early enough because my foot really started to hurt. I walked to the 2nd clinic I found because the first one was closed. There were many woman and children in it (some smiling at me) that I thought this might not be the right place for me. I asked a woman who looked like a nurse (they were also wearing head cloth but she just looked more official than the other women), whether I could show my foot to a doctor here. Her eyes became big and she said “Not here, this is only for mothers and babies, you have to go to the hospital.”

So, I walked the 1,3 km to the hospital (I felt like in Africa, where the people have to walk really far to get to the well or a doctor). Wasn’t a very pleasant walk on a hurting foot, although I passed a really nice park and walked by the road that would lead to the Robinson Waterfall. At the hospital, I wasn’t really sure where to go but there was something that looked like a counter. I had to tell them what was wrong (I’m glad they spoke English and took me seriously) give them my passport, pay 15 RM and take a waiting number. Then, I sat on a chair next to some other patients and waited for my number to show up. At least I could watch some Asian soap opera on a tv. Then, I could go to a room where they measured my pulse and blood pressure. Afterwards, I had to wait for my number again until finally, a room with a doctor was free (I think a couple in the tv show got divorced 3 times during the time I was waiting). But actually, I didn’t have to wait that long. I showed my foot to a doctor and he decided that it was infected. A nurse cleaned it properly and he gave me a prescription for some antibiotics and other medicine. I had to walk to the interne pharmacy, where I had to take a number again. 5 min later, I received 3 kinds of tablets, all for FREE!!! Included in the visit. How advanced! In Switzerland one tablet package would have been more than 15 RM!


I still had to go to a pharmacy in town to buy gaze pads. Good that I went to a doctor that day because the pharmacy would close for the next three days because of the festival.

Then, I went to relax in the room for a while. Sandra was there too and so I later accompanied her to meet some other Germans she had met on her tour. They wanted to meet in front of Starbucks (I had to laugh when I saw a Starbucks next to all the local shops) and since they weren’t there yet, we profited from the 2 for 1 Ramadan coffee promo 🙂


When they arrived, we looked for a restaurant where we could eat Steam Boat (fondue Chinoise). We found a good place on the back side of the buildings behind the central area. The dinner was delicious and the German couple extremely nice! Therefore, we decided to go for a drink after dinner (although I wanted to go to bed early, since my bus to Taman Negara was leaving at 8am the next day). Now, it was probably about 18 degrees but we were all freezing. It’s no fun to be on vacation and feeling like you are at home.

I finally got into my bunk bed and actually partly used the thick blanket over my sleeping bag that night 🙂


2 thoughts on “How about a cup of tea?

  1. Das Fondue sieht lecker aus. – Mir sind menschliche Skorpione lieber… – Hofffe, dass es deinen Füssen wieder besser geht?

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