On the road to the Cameron Highlands


Before the bus left to the Highlands, I just had a slow morning and then walked through Chinatown by day, where I had lunch in a restaurant. I packed my backpack (I really need to pack with a system now or not everything will fit) and walked to Puduraya. At the ticket counter, they exchanged my ticket and told me which bus nr. I had to go to. I had to walk downstairs and there are doors and stairs to every bus number. However, the door to Nr. 14 was closed and there were many people sitting on the chairs around it. Luckily, I asked them whether I had to wait also and then a man showed me that I had to push a bottom and the door would open. I could go straight down into the cooled bus which was waiting already. I had to put my backpack into the luggage compartment and had the front seat again. A little later, I wished I hadn’t…The drivers way of driving wasn’t exactly calming to watch. He never checked the left side when he switched lanes. So, every time he moved from one lane to the other, I heard honking or screeching tires. Then, he often turned his eyes away from the street. Unfortunately, I asked at the first toilet stop whether there were any food stands. Since then, he pointed out any supermarket we drove by and ask whether he should stop. He also offered me one of his cigarettes. And every time he talked to me, he turned his head to look at me. I felt like in a movie, when the characters who are driving in a car and talk to each other never watch the road. And then, the curves started. It was a very winding road to get to the Cameron Highlands and often it looked like we’d hit the rock or drive off the road. So, I was really glad once we made it to Tanah Rata. The scenery on the ride was beautiful though! So much green forest and already some tee plant carpets. There also were quite a few bamboo huts with Orang Asli people living in them.


It was already dark when I arrived at about 8.30pm but a tourism office was still open and they pointed out the way to my guesthouse. I received a thick blanket and linen and was guided to my room. German Sandra (a different one from the one I already knew) arrived at the same time as me and so we just put the stuff in the room and walked back to the main road to get some dinner. The temperature was quite agreeable, almost a bit chilly.


We had dinner at the first place we found but it turned out to be very delicious and the prices are ok (Rosette). I could just as well have been on Mallorca though; German everywhere you listened. I’ve mostly spoken German during the last few days.

After dinner, we walked back to the hostel and I was glad that I wasn’t alone because there was a short section without street lights. Quite spooky. I wanted to go to bed early but the wifi was so good and so I tried to figure out how the rest of my trip should look like and it got pretty late until I finally turned the light off. What a good night’s sleep at temperatures below 20 degrees. We didn’t even need to turn on the fan 🙂



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