From a puddle of mud right into a prom dress

In the morning, I knew why I didn’t want to make any appointments here. I just didn’t want to have any stress and it was so captivating to talk and listen to the other people at the hostel, with all their interesting stories. I ended up being very late and actually didn’t think that David would still be there. But there he was, overly excited to see me. He said he was worried that I had fooled him but he didn’t want to believe it so he just went to buy food and mosquito candles 🙂


We took bus 43 (two streets after the end of Chinatown at Petaling street, on the left side) for 2 RM. With a/c of course:) Half an hour later, we had to get off. The ticket man on the bus told us we had to walk back a little. We were stranded next to a 4 lane, two way highway, where the cars (many cars) were driving with at least 80 km/h and there was no pedestrian road crossing aid. But the entrance to the park was on the other side and so we had to make a run for it somehow. I’d probably still be standing there now if I didn’t have an experienced road crosser with me. Phew, adrenalin rush of the year.


Once we survived that, I had to pay the 5 RM entrance fee (he only 1) and we started walking on the concrete path, guarded by a lot of monkeys who wanted to steal the food in David’s bag. I was glad that we were in a forest because the sun was shining brightly and here the temperature was a lot more agreeable. The first three levels of the waterfall were nice and easily accessible, even with flip flops. Later, I really regretted that I didn’t bring my sneakers. The Malays were swimming in their clothes, plus there was some litter in the water and therefore I wanted to just climb to the top and swim there. After level 4 the concrete path stopped and from level 5 to 7 we had to climb using all our hands and feet. It was a lot harder than in Thailand and I didn’t even want to think about the way down. Luckily, the ground was dry so it wasn’t an additional challenge for my flip flops. David said he only went to the 3rd level so far and he was worried that we wouldn’t find the way back. But there were obvious paths you had to follow! And due to the garbage along the way, I guessed that we weren’t the first people to ever go there. But the adventure was worth it!

IMG_7556 IMG_7570IMG_7571

The waterfalls looked impressive and beautiful (not colorful like the Erawan waterfall, but above all cool because the water dropped from so high) and the water up there was much cleaner. And the only other person we met was swimming in pool 6. When we reached pool 7, I was really glad David had brought along food because I didn’t think we’d need so long to get up there. Swimming in the water was wonderful! Exactly the refreshment I needed. David didn’t want to come into the water because he also couldn’t swim (why don’t South East Asian people learn how to swim?) but there was a more shallow place he could also sit in the water with all his clothes on. I then showed him the movements you needed to know in order to swim but the pool was too small to really try them. In the end, I at least managed to show David how to float on the water. It was so much fun watching how at first he was so afraid when his head got within 10cm of the water and then how happy he was when he managed to lie in the water without touching anything. I might also become a swimming teacher for beginners 🙂 It’s so easy that anyone can learn it and I really liked how thrilled David was about that little achievement. I was more thrilled about the climb we achieved. You had a nice view to the opposite side of the valley from up there. Unfortunately, the pictures didn’t come out too well.


The climb back down was quicker than I expected it to be but just very tiring because we had to be so careful. Result of my stupidity of bringing flip flops was three new blisters to the one I had already. Good that I’ll be on a mountain and in the jungle for the next 5 days and I won’t be tempted to wear flip flops anymore. Back at level 3 a group of boys asked whether they could take a picture with me. So, several boys wanted to have their photo taken and then we took a big group picture in the end.

IMG_7585 IMG_7588

While I waited for David who was getting changed in the changing room at the exit, I sat on a big swing. Another group of boys came by and the same thing happened again. It’s still fine with me but I see how stars could get tired of this. If you had to get somewhere it really would hold you up.


This time, we didn’t have to cross the road and to our luck, a bus was arriving exactly when we walked out of the gate. Someone had told me that the planetarium was free from Thur to Sun and so I’d have liked to go there. David still didn’t show any signs of wanting to leave although his feet must have been hurting too. So we both got off at the stop the bus driver told us to get off. I had no idea where we were and David just knew that we were somewhere in Soho. There were many very cheap (cheaper than Chinatown) stores. But it was very hot and I wanted to find the planetarium. When we still didn’t knew where to go after about half an hour of walking through the booths (and it was already 3.30 after all) I decided that it was easier to just go look for a prom dress instead. Ever since I saw these cheap dresses in Thailand I set my mind on it that I would find one while I am here. And who had known that David often accompanied his female friends to go shopping?! He knew exactly where to go! We took the Metro from Chow Chit to Imbie and walked directly into Times Square Shopping Center (had to be a good place for me :)). First, we had sushi though. I was actually able to eat a normal amount of it. Cold food in a cold room, everything else is overstraining my body. David also made me try a cold fruit tea, which was really sweet but delicious.


A monkey who stole a can of beer

A monkey who stole a can of beer

Afterwards, I went shopping until I was worried that my backpack would be too full. I tried on at least 30 different dresses in different stores and I finally found one I liked 🙂 I loved, how in the morning, we were climbing around in the dirt and in the afternoon I was slipping my feet into beautiful fabrics. I love this place.

I’d have loved to go buy some matching shoes but I couldn’t do that to David and so we went to eat some cake. Then, it was past 9pm already and they would close the center at 10. We took the metro back to Pasar Seni, where I said goodbye to David. Has been a really great day and I am glad he was so insistent on showing me around 🙂

Fun park inside the shopping center!!!!

Fun park inside the shopping center!!!!

I just quickly wanted to put my stuff back to the hostel and then go back to the bazar in Chinatown and buy my bus ticket for the following day. But when I got to the hostel, they finally had a bed for me in the dorm and so I put my things upstairs and when I got back outside after 11, they were closing all the booths. I need more hours in the days here!!! Puduraya is open until midnight and so I went to buy a ticket for the 3.30pm bus to the Cameron Highlands the next day. I was a bit unlucky because the next day, was the day the celebrations around Ramadan started for a month and the whole month you had to pay 10% more for the ticket. So, it was 40 RM to get to the Highlands.

I walked back to the hostel, where I talked to the other guests for a while and then finally dropped into bed. I had a much better night being in a room with about 9 other people but therefore with more fans and open windows. The colder air came with the price of several mosquito bites though.

IMG_7567 IMG_7569


2 thoughts on “From a puddle of mud right into a prom dress

  1. Wie’s aussieht, scheinst du kaum zu schlafen… Ich wäre bei diesem Programm völlig k.o. – Kannst du dein Kleid überhaupt im Rucksack verstauen?

    • Ich schlafe dafür immer gut:) Habe ja immeral wieder eine Pause um den Ort oder eine Aussicht zu geniessen. Die letzten beiden Nächte hatte ich mehr Schlaf, aber nun war ich diese Nacht nicht müde genug. Das Kleid ist verstaut, ich hoffe einfach, dass es dann noch ganz ist.

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