The fun of the fun dive really depends on the group

When I have an afternoon dive, I get up when I feel like it and then go to the beach. The beach is usually rather quiet in the morning and there are only a few joggers and stray dogs.


That dog wouldn’t leave my side. And that’s Annika next to it 🙂

I have brunch at some point and then have to be at the dive school at 12.15. The first day of fun diving was very frustrating because there wasn’t enough gear for everyone and so we had to wait for the morning boats to come back and get our material then. We got on our boa 2 hours late and just had to wait the whole time. So, by then I was already very eager to get into the water. We were on a bigger boat this time, with several dive masters and their groups. I was with Carly again but with different fun divers this time. They first explained where everything is on this boat (most important things: where is the water, fruit and cookies 🙂 and the toilets of course. Also, they are marine toilets, which means, that everything you put in will fall directly through into the water. So they asked us only to use them while the boat was moving 🙂

When we got closer to Hin Wong Pinnacle, we got into our gear again. There were only 4 people in my group but they were sooooo slow! And one woman was kind of scared or uncomfortable although the last time she dived was only 3 weeks ago. They really tested my patience. And I don’t have much of it so I lost track of counting the times I rolled my eyes. We finally all got into the water half an hour after everybody else. However then, there was such a strong current when we were descending (I’ve never had one of these) that we were taken a bit by surprise. It wouldn’t have been a problem though, if you just held on to the buoy line. But of course someone didn’t and got carried away and so the rest of us just hung around on the buoy line for a while, until Carly got back with my lost buddy. FINALLY, my teeth were already somewhat shorter by then because of gritting them too much, we made it down to 18m and all the troubles were forgotten because it’s simply wonderful. I saw a baby squid and my first giant grouper. One big, ugly fish. Due to our delay, this dive was only 33 min. Good that the boat then brought us to the second dive site (White Rock), where we had an amazing dive, without any problems and lots of things to see. I really like the cucumbers under water. They look like giant slugs with flowers on their head.

We got back pretty late again and when I reached the bungalow, I had to wait in line for the shower since all my roommates were back from their open water course too. The guys are soooo funny and really nice. Like the older brothers I’d have always liked to have 🙂


I met up for dinner with my girls again. It was their last night and so we treated ourselves to freshly barbecued red snapper with salad, corn and potatoes. The dressings were delicious and the white wine wasn’t missing either 🙂IMG_7244

After dinner, we had a beer at the dive school but I have to say, I didn’t like any of the them. One reason to come back to Germanic countries.


I went to bed at 11 because I signed up for the morning dives the next day. I set my alarm to 5.45 (am I crazy?!). Luckily, everyone in the bungalow had to get up that early the next day so we could all go to bed together, like a big happy family and nobody bothered someone else who still wanted to sleep in the morning.


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