The day a fish fell in love with me

After my alarm rang at 5.45 and I woke up my bunk neighbor as promised, I went to buy a weird sandwich (at least it was hot) at 7/11 and then got my gear from the dive shop. This time, there was no chaos, since we were the first boat out. I already saw a few faces I recognized and so I never feel alone on the boat. You get to know new people on every dive but the ones with under water cameras are definitely the most popular ones, since the other divers want them to send them a few pictures 🙂 Luckily, Gillaume from Montréal, who was on the refresher dive with me, is one of the photographers 🙂 (More pictures will follow when I receive them)

And I was lucky that my dive buddy that morning also rented a camera and so could capture the love story between me and Dexter (I should receive pictures of him and me too). It happened like this: I was diving along on the second dive at Shark Bay marveling at the glowing slugs and other fish, when my legs stroke against a plant or another diver for several times. However, there was never anything or anyone to be seen!!! As if someone was teasing me! Eventually, I realized that there was a fish hanging on my leg. He was using me as a ride and food station. So, whenever he was eating my dead skin, it felt as if I was brushing against a plant. Sometimes, it also felt like a razor blade but there never was any damage done. So, I didn’t freak out although it looked like a mini version of a shark. He wouldn’t get off me no matter where we swam, so I named him Dexter after a while. After 45 min, we had to make our way back to the surface and Dex still wouldn’t leave my side. So, I had to break his heart and kick really hard to make him go away somehow. Now poor Dex is swimming around at Shark Bay, probably still looking for me with his sad round fish eyes 😦

Two awesome dives that morning! Normally, the morning dives for the next day would have already been closed by the time we got back but I was lucky to get the last spot on a morning boat the next day. This also meant that I could leave my alarm set on 5.45.

In the afternoon, I wanted to book the next step of my trip. I went to a few travel agencies to ask what was the best way to get to the Cameroon Highlands. None of them knew where or what this was. I started to feel like in a psycho clinic when all the tourists I started talking to, also didn’t know that place. I’ve met a few people who had been there and told me it was really worth seeing but suddenly it was like I made this all up and the highlands only existed in my mind. So, I buried myself in a café with internet for two hours and finally figured out that I just had to book the trip to the boarder and then see from there, with which bus I can get on. It was a crazily hot afternoon and when I got back to the Bungalow, one of the American guys wasn’t feeling well. When he mentioned the word vomiting, all my alarm bells rang and so I handed a plastic bag to him for the worst case scenario (he was on the upper bunk and I heard about a 24h vomit bug going around). I was overdue for a swim in the sea.

It was extremely refreshing now that the tide was in and the water finally reached just below my chest instead of just my knees!


When I got back, the first thing Ryan said was: Did you see what I just produced?

Apparently he had filled the whole bag with vomit and it came so suddenly that he’d never made it to the toilet in time. Boy, was I glad that I hadn’t been in the room. I then heard that the German girl also had to throw up into the toilet and it was then, when I started worrying about my health a little. I will be so vomit-story trained by the end of this trip, especially now that I booked the night boat to get from Koh Tao to Surat Thani.

That evening, I had dinner with the Irish girls before they left too, and then went straight to bed afterwards. I was exhausted from getting up so early and having to work on the computer in that heat. Plus, I also felt slightly dizzy as well. Would be really good to find these anti-dehydration pills.



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