My private dive master

Since I went to bed so early the evening before and nobody had to throw up again, I had a long night and was quite ready to get up when my alarm rang. The healthy guys weren’t even back in the bungalow yet. They had been celebrating their OWD license all night.

I had a croissant but still felt a little weak, so I went to 7/11 to look for salt tablets. They were all out. They didn’t have them in the pharmacy either, nor did anyone of the divers who was already waiting in front of the office. Andrew, a really nice guy from Australia offered to run up to the other pharmacy to get one for me. Shortly after he left, Carly suddenly came and told everyone to get on the boats right now, we were leaving. Sarah and I were ones of the first ones at the office that morning but nobody told us to get our gear (they did that the day before) and so we just waited until we were told to do so. Now, they suddenly stressed that they would leave without us if we weren’t quick. And Andrew was nowhere to be seen :S I couldn’t have left without him, since he would have missed the boat because of me. But he turned up in time and we all made it onto the boat 🙂 Phew, first they let you wait for hours and then suddenly if you don’t jump you get left behind.

I learned, that I was the only open water diver on the whole boat and so I’d have a private dive master that day. They put me with Nick and Carly said that it was so that we could get some alone time (that was the first time I saw him). I joked and asked whether I looked that desperate, but I am starting to feel like I really send out the wrong signal. Or why else would all the stray dogs from the beach plant themselves right next to me, EVERY TIME??? And what about Dexter, the shark sucker, he wouldn’t leave my side either. I need to go back to Bangkok and hug more teddy bears.

Diving with Nick was cool. We were in the water so quickly, that it made up for all the waiting times from the dives before. We saw a lot of shrimp and morays. I especially liked the dancing shrimps which looked like an underwater marionette show. Plus, there were huuuuuuuuge schools of fish and we were right in the middle of them. So awesome to have fish pass by your mask only a few cm away. And there were also quite a few big groups of barracuda! It was like being in fish paradise!

My private Nick

My private Nick

We dived at the same site twice (Chumphon pinnacle) because it’s such a good place. However, the second dive, the water was much rougher and the visibility quite bad. Moreover, there were quite a lot of jellyfish and we had to be careful not to bump into them. I made it through the mine field without a burn 🙂 Not everyone did…On the other hand, it was very nice watching them float like a dandelion seed in the wind.

We surfaced twice right behind the latter and hardly had to swim to get out of the water (swimming in the open sea with all the waves is quite hard work. Only 3m below surface, the water usually is very quiet already). The waves were still pretty high and so the captain himself helped me out of the water. It was quite an honor, since he’s supposed to be the most grumpy captain of Koh Tao (but therefore he always secures the first boat spot at the buoy line, so we don’t have to swim far to dive down :)) And he hasn’t yelled at me yet. He lives on the boat and today I even saw that he was playing with a cat (which probably lives on the boat with him).

In the afternoon, I just relaxed and caught up on my blog somewhat. I also tried a Thai tea from the one place I found that makes it. But it wasn’t as good as the other ones I had. Not sweet enough. And more expensive too.

In the evening, it would finally have worked out to have dinner with my roommates. However, I started feeling more and more tired and sick. I wasn’t sure I could eat anything at all. But I didn’t want to spend another whole evening in bed and it was the guys’ last night in Koh Tao, so I accompanied the guys to this really fancy looking place at the end of Sairee beach. As a backpacker, I felt a little out of place in this beautiful resort but the prices were actually the same as in every other restaurant on Koh Tao.


There were tables with chairs, but we sat down at the short tables with matrasses. Unfortunately, I really didn’t feel well enough to have a real meal and so I ended up eating a youghurt in this beautiful place, while the others had their curries or filet mignons.
I somehow made it back to the room afterwards and got some much needed sleep.


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