Despicable Me in Bangkok

(I wrote this post about 3 days ago, just didn’t have enough internet in the meantime.)

I slept like a baby in my bunk bed. Good that I went asking for a blanket though. I had my silk sleeping bag and there was nothing but a pillow on my bed when I arrived and I’d have been much too cold with only my sleeping bag.



When I got up, Moritz and Hedi were already waiting for me. They even had movies on their VIP bus for 650 Bht, their baggage was intact and it took them only 9h from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. I guess that would have been the better option for me also.
We walked to the food market close to the hostel since we were hungry. I didn’t even want to take the camera out to take pictures, it was such a disgusting place!!! So many dead and dying animals. Hundreds of frogs and fish on a pile in a way too small jar, trying to survive. I love frogs when they hop around a pond. So that was a sad experience. They had toads and eel as well. When Moritz tried to take a picture of the frogs, a man thought he was being funny by pretending to throw one of the poor frogs at us. I guess no breakfast for us here. I was surprised that I hadn’t felt nauseous yet, from the weird smells on an empty stomach. Maybe, I got trained a little 🙂
We took a taxi to Paragon Center. It was only 69 Bht, you’re definitely better off traveling in groups of 3 or 4 in Thailand!
The center was very disappointing because they had pretty much the same brands as in Switzerland but with higher prices. But the floor with the movie theaters was very entertaining:) As the movies were more expensive at Paragon, I decided to go back to Terminal 21. I preferred the food court there also.

So, I said goodbye to Hedi and Moritz and left the building via the skywalk. I then realized that I could walk to at least two more shopping malls from there and so I made my way to central world. Another movie theater and shops, probably similar to Paragon. I asked a man if there was a bus to Terminal 21 (after all I had an hour until the movie began). He wrote down several numbers for me and told me to go outside and to the right. When I didn’t see a bus stop there I guessed that he meant I had to drive in that direction. Which meant climbing the stairs to the skywalk again, walking down on the opposite side and walking to a bus stop. I was pretty tired and hot by then. Luckily, one of the correct busses arrived right away. Unfortunately, the driver told me I had to ride into the opposite direction. So, back on the skywalk and to a different bus station on the other side, to the left side. I took bus 48, paid my 12 Bht (with a/c) and rode straight to Terminal 21. Took little longer than the skytrain but less than half price of it and I had time anyways. I took the elevator to the top floor and did something I hadn’t even done when I worked at a movie theater in Switzerland and could watch movies for free; I went to see a movie alone. The man asked me 3 times whether I was sure that I only wanted one ticket (180 Bht) . Yeah, rub it in.
I had to wait in the area in front of the theaters. They don’t let you in until the starting time of the movie. At the entrance, they checked my bag thoroughly, so that they discovered my camera and I had to leave the battery in a safe. Haven’t they heard of iPhones? I could record the movie with that too…
I walked to theater, asked again if I was in the right place because commercials had already started and then was led to my seat. The inside of the cinema is about the same as in any movie theater except that the seats are very comfortable! Soft and you can almost lean back a little.
I watched funny commercials in Thai and then a few trailers in Thai or English with Thai subtitles. I was surprised that there was a rather brutal, blood flowing trailer of a horror movie, considering that I wanted to watch Despicable Me, which probably has a bigger fan community among children than horror loving grown-ups. I might have nightmares from this trailer…but there were only about 30 people in the theater anyways.
Then suddenly the people next to me got up and afterwards the people behind me did the same. I didn’t know what was happening, are we supposed to switch seats? A glance at the screen helped me out; please rise for the king’s anthem. Of course I got up too and the Thais around me smiled at me for doing so 🙂
It was a nice song with beautiful pictures. It made me want to belong to the Thai royal family.
Then it looked like the movie started but there was a man beating up another man. Fists, bloood, ouch. Everyone in the theater, including me started getting nervous. I turned around and looked into the wide open eyes of a little boy. He’ll probably be traumatized for life. Most others were adults and they told me that they  were also here to see Despicable Me. Some people went to the employees and after a few minutes, this movie stopped and finally, Despicable Me started. We didn’t even get free popcorn because of the mistake:(

Despicable Me was great! What a funny movie!!! And I really want a guacamole chips hat now! I hope there is a Mexican restaurant on Koh Tao…
After the film, I started walking to McDonald’s to get a chocolate sundae. But one of the chocolate donuts from Sushi Do was smiling at me in such a happy way, that I just had to buy it. I still had space for a sundae though and I probably needed to get some of all these calories back, which I had walked off.
Mhhh, at least something that tastes the same all around the world.
I went to the supermarket to buy some rice waffles for the next morning. But they only had huge packs so that I just bought some crackers. Then, I went back to the food court to buy some take away dinner.

It was 4pm by then, so I had enough time to get back to the hostel an then the train station. So, I asked a security man if there was a bus to Queen Sikirit (they say Soon Sikirit in Thai) and I guess he had nothing else to do because he walked with me for at least 3 min to bring me to the bus stop. Bus 136 arrived right away and since there wasn’t a free seat I had to stand and did not have to pay:) Two stations later, I had to get off. I wasn’t at the metro exit I got out off but I recognized where I had to go.
Back at the hostel I enjoyed the a/c and just sat down on a chair in the lobby. It was then that Hedi and Moritz arrived and so I could even go to their room for a while to pack my bags in a more quiet area. They are lucky and can have a family room to the price of a double room!
When it was time, I said goodbye again (should be for the last time during that trip now) and walked to the metro station with all my bags. It was easy to get to Hualumpong. My train was waiting already.


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