Night train again

Last night, I slept rather well except for the extremely weird animal sounds, I first thought came out of a speaker and I still don’t know what animal they come from.

After I got up and was standing in the courtyard, I got already rained on a little because Jimmy made a tour splashing holy water from yesterday’s Buddha ceremony on his house and everything in it.
If you consider yourself an unlucky person, you should come to Thailand; there is so much luck to collect everywhere:)

Jack and I had breakfast at Jimmy and Jeng for the last time. They were always so friendly and helpful there and the prices are better than at all the other places I’ve seen. They gave us some home rice waffles to try that morning and I remembered how I always ate them as a child. The ones here were better though 🙂

Then, I had to pack my backpack and sow part of the zipper back to my bag. Luckily, I brought a small travel sewing set.
I paid my 100Baht a night and went looking for a hairdresser. Unfortunately, the woman from one salon who spoke English so well and who I saw a few days ago wasn’t there today. So I just walked around the city for a while looking for a different place but couldn’t find one that looked appealing.

Already past lunch time I went back to the hostel, where Jack was figuring out where to go next. We went to have lunch and then sat into the a/c restaurant of Black Canyon to have some ice cream. Needed to start restocking my chocolate deficit.


Soon after that, it was time to leave for my train. I went to Jimmy’s to get my food and when I arrived already everything (big portion!!) with some extra rice waffles 🙂 was packed into a box and bag.
Jimmy then had to come back to the hostel too, to trim a tree and so I could ride the 200m with him on the scooter. I was glad because it was soooo hot again. I think I prefer an average temperature of 26 degrees. Here it feels more like 38.

I said goodbye to everyone at the hostel. It’s very easy to meet people in the courtyard and so you probably know all the people who go in and out of the guest house.
So, if you ever go to Chiang Mai, stay at Jimmy’s Home Stay (see picture). The double rooms are nice and affordable. The bathrooms of the dorms are well kept and in a good state and you get a good sleep if you don’t mind sleeping on a matrass on the floor, hearing weird animal sounds. You’d get that at many other places too, I guess. Jungle feeling 🙂

Jimmy's home stay

I had no trouble getting a Songthaew for 40 Bht (he first wanted 50) and arrived at the train station almost an hour early. No problem, the train was there already and the a/c running. It surprisingly left at exactly 5pm. There was a nice Thai lady in the seat across from me and a couple from La Réunion on the other side. The man looked very much like Jack Nicholson but didn’t even know who that actor was.


At dinnertime the Thai lady asked (well, as much as the few English words she knew permitted it) whether I was hungry. I pointed to my plastic bag and said that I had food but she insisted nonetheless that I eat one of these big dough balls with meat and herbs inside, which her son made. It was very good! It’s wonderful when the people are so kind and just suddenly offer you free food:)
She even took a picture of us together, how we were eating these big dumplings, to send to her son. White skin bonus :)?
I offered her some of my fried pumpkin or rice but she said she knows it already. Even out of a cardboard box, this meal still tasted good. As dessert, the lady offered me a piece of the fruit she was eating. It looked like a crossing of a pepper and a tomato and tasted like star fruit but not bitter.


At 8pm they came by to make our beds. In my small private upper berth behind the green curtain, I finished the day with looking at the photos I took so far on this amazing trip and watching more Gilmore Girls:)


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