Hardcore shopping in Bangkok

Early morning after very little sleep. Myriam, you could have told me that the train tracks from Chiang Mai are in such a bad shape (for at least 8 hours of the train ride) that falling asleep is impossible. I felt like inside a shaker. At least the temperature was agreeable with the a/c. Almost too cold sometimes. I could lie down which was comfortable but otherwise I probably had the same amount of sleep as I would have had on a bus. When I finally did fall asleep in the morning, I soon was woken up again by the French group from La Réunion. They had to get off a little before Bangkok. The train was an hour late though and so they already started loud conversations at 5.30 😦 How about some respect to the people who could have slept until Bangkok?!
When they finally got off, the workers on the train were so nice to leave my bed intact until 7.55am. Then, they also transformed it back into a seat and we reached rainy Bangkok at 8.10am.

I had to wait until the ticket booth opened at 8.30, when I could buy a combined bus and ferry ticket from Chumphon to Koh Tao for 500 Bht. Then, there was a very happy Seraina because no more organizing will have to be done and I should reach Koh Tao on the 26th without any problems.


I took the MRT to Queen Sirikit station and then followed the description with pictures to the De Talak Hostel. They sent me that when I asked how I could find them from the train station and with the pictures it was an easy 4min walk. What a good idea from the hostel!
I couldn’t check in yet, but they let me leave my backpack there and I could use the bathroom as well as free tea, coffee or ice cream (?!).

After a while, I felt pretty hungry and made my way to the terminal 21 mall by MRT (Sukhumvit station).

What a cool place! Every floor is named after a world city and you find recreated sights on each level. I had an early lunch at the San Francisco food court.


Afterwards, I walked through the mall and had a look at the store. The prices were almost the same as in Switzerland except for the movie theater. I might go watch one tomorrow, since it’s just a third from our price 🙂

IMG_7088 IMG_7101 IMG_7091

Then, I took the MRT again, switched to the sky train (BTS) and went to the national stadium to enter the (I think) biggest mall of Bangkok, MBK. Oh dear, there was no way I would ever remember where I had to go or where I’ve already been. So, when I saw something I wanted to buy but wasn’t entirely sure yet, I just took a picture of the store and perhaps even the location name, so that I would find it again. I walked around in there for at least 7 hours! With some stalls it was like at the market and you could haggle. I think they had about the same prices for the t-shirts. Headphones are very cheap but not very good quality (at least the ones I tried).


On the 5th floor, I received a free ice tea, as a first time visitor, which I was badly in need for after the first few hours of walking.

In the end, I treated myself to all you can eat sushi. It didn’t exactly fit my daily budget (same price as in the US) but since every other food booth at MBK was also pretty expensive I thought I might as well go there.

Afterwards, I had enough energy to get back to the hostel, where I finally could check into my room. 6 nice bunk beds (with thick, soft matrasses!!) in a female dorm. And even a/c 🙂


Tomorrow, another day in Bangkok and then night train to Chumphon. I’ll probably write again when I am in Koh Tao.

P.S. What I forgot to say: although it’s always so hot outside, it was freeeeeeezing in the malls. I should have worn long pants and a sweather. But I was melting when I was leaving the hostel, so why would I think of bringing warm clothes?


5 thoughts on “Hardcore shopping in Bangkok

  1. I fell asleep on the train as soon as my bed was made. I think I can sleep now everywhere anytime no matter how loud, shaky or uncomfortable it is.

  2. Das hätte ich dir auch sagen können. Alle Einkaufscenter sind die reinsten Eisschränke. Die bleibt wohl immer ein Mysterium, weshalb in allen Ländern, wo die Klimaanlagen bis zum Excess betrieben werden, die Temperaturen immer auf Schockgefrierpunkt eingestellt werden müssen.

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