Chiang Mai – it took a while

Sleeping on the night train was possible but it either was too hot because of all the people on the train or too cold because of the wind through the open window. I hadn’t felt so disgusting in a long time. I felt so disgusting, that I didn’t even want to sleep in my silk sleeping bag.. Yay, for the inventions of showers. But we had to wait for our shower quite a while.

I liked having some space to just myself for once and being able to pull the curtain and just not have to look at anyone for a night. It’s really wonderful and a lot of fun to travel with the others and I wouldn’t want it any different!!! But after not having a moment to myself for over 10 days it was a good change:)
It was good to have them back in the morning, when all we saw was green and more green for hooours.
From time to time people came by who sold fruits, chips or meat. The train just stayed somewhere in nowhere for several times because something was wrong with the locomotive. We reached Chiang Mai eventually two hours late.
In the tuktuk we took to the hostel (7th Century) were also two girls from Basel. We seem to be Swiss magnets 🙂
Our hostel was very simple (double bed, one bathroom for all the rooms in the hostel, no nice public area) but for one night it was going to work (only 200 Bht per room).
I bought a Thai tea to get some sugar in my blood (it was 4.30pm already and I only had two small bread rolls and a yoghurt so far).
After the very much needed shower (when was the last time a shower made your day perfect?) it was already time to meet our trekking guide Piroon and his wife. They already knew our names and were very nice! He explained everything to us and even let us borrow more practical backpacks. Tomorrow we would start a 3 day trekking through the jungle, so no news from me during that time!


After the meeting we were still starving and so just grabbed a bite at the restaurant around the corner. When that need was satisfied, we made our way to the night market which was 20min on foot. When we were tired from all the haggling, we walked back but stopped at a Mexican place (Loco Elvis) for some nachos (delicious salsas!!!) and mug-a-rithas. It should only have been a short stop before packing for tomorrow and catch up on some sleep. But then, suddenly karaoke happened…We had so much fun singing songs with an Asian woman at the restaurant, that it got midnight until we got back to the hostel.


Hopefully, we will still be able to keep up with Piroon’s program during the next few days.

Pictures for this post will follow once we get back from the jungle  🙂


One thought on “Chiang Mai – it took a while

  1. Schreibe mit Papis email, da mein Handy schon ausgeschaltet ist: ihr kommt anscheinend ohne Schlaf aus… ich bin nur schon vom Lesen erschöpft. 🙂 Viel VergnĂĽgen im Dschungel und hoffentlich auch etwas Schlaf! Wir waren heute im Gardasee baden und am Abend noch im Nachbarstädtchen Riva. Kuss Mami

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