Erawan Waterfall – the natural spa

Last night I finally got about 8hours of sleep again and therefore felt revitalized in the morning. We hurried up with our Müesli, porridge or Thai breakfast (Myri felt rather courageous this morning) because we wanted to catch the bus at 8.50am. In the hostel they told us that it would leave then. However, when we reached the bus stop at 8.45, we had to wait until 9.25, when bus 8170 to Erawan Waterfall finally arrived.

IMG_5484 IMG_5495

It was completely full and so I found a seat in between the driver and a Thai woman, Myri spent the trip mostly sleeping next to a window and another Thai woman and Hedi and Moritz were sitting with their backs to my back on some kind of cushion bench behind the gear shifting stick. There were Thais as well as Tourists on this bus and it was nicely decorated with flowers. The ride lasted about 1h and 40min and cost 50 Bht.

We were extremely hungry from all the jolting on the bus and first looked for something to eat. There were tables and some Thais were eating really good looking things, so I ordered a Papaya salad, even though I didn’t like papaya in Siem Reap and Switzerland. However, this was green papaya and combined with the dressing it was just delicious!! The noodle soup was good too but we didn’t want to lose too much time with eating because the last bus would leave at 4.

Mhh, papaya salad!

Mhh, papaya salad!

The Thais carried anything that was possible to carry to the waterfall. Wished it was our food inside that pot.

The Thais carried anything that was possible to carry to the waterfall. Wished it was our food inside that pot.

At first it was a pretty normal and even path through the forest. We just followed all the people in front of us while Moritz was entertaining us with his singing. The people around us must have thought he was drunk.
The waterfall looked beautiful but there were so many people that we decided we’d walk directly to the 7th plateau. Up to the 4th, the way was easy but afterwards it got steeper and we even had to climb the very slippery rocks (good that there were roots to hold on to everywhere) and balance over fallen trees or stones in order not to fall into the water. Therefore, the higher we got, the less people were there. At plateau 4 or 5 the people were sliding down a rock, directly into a deep pool and seemed to have a lot of fun. We found our secret spot in between nr. 6 and 7. Simply amazing!!! The water color was a soft blue because the basin was almost white. The 7th plateau was impressive but there were too many people to really swim.

IMG_5526 IMG_5539 IMG_5553 IMG_5571
So, we got into the water a little below. It was heaven after the hike!! We were all so hot and sweaty and I thought I wouldn’t have the energy to walk back. After a 1,5 hour swim however, we felt reborn. Not only did we swim but we also participated in “Give something back to the animals day”. I’ve already had so many discussions with vegetarians why I eat meat and fish, that it was good to do something for them for once. Just kidding, there is no such day but in the waterfall pools were so many fish and they all started to eat the dead skin on our bodies. It was like a free fish spa (except that the entry to the park cost 200 Bht). It tickled a lot at first but once I got used to it I didn’t want to get out of the water. I probably had around 30 fish on my feet sometimes. I’d definitely come back to this waterfall and stay a few days if I ever come back to Thailand.

IMG_5662 IMG_5664


On the way back down, the other plateaus were still busy with people. We reached our bus early enough to actually have a normal seat this time and I could even buy a brownie ice cream before we left. During the bus ride it started to rain but we didn’t mind this time. I think Myri was also glad that she sat next to me again so that she could use my shoulder as a pillow 🙂 Visiting things is a little more exhausting than a beach vacation…

We got off at a bus stop close to our hostel and had a look at the clothes stores on our way but unfortunately, I didn’t find anything. We had another delicious dinner and enjoyed the last sun rays above the river. Later, we wanted to go out for cocktails but it just turned into a walk because all the bars along the road were so unappealing that we preferred the nice atmosphere at the VN Guesthouse.

We said that we wouldn’t meet before 10am tomorrow. Let’s see if we manage to sleep that long, now that we are used to getting up early..

The Thais only had to pay 40 Bht...

We only saw one monkey

We only saw one monkey


One thought on “Erawan Waterfall – the natural spa

  1. Cool, was ihr alles erlebt! Dein Blog ist sehr amüsant, zu lesen 🙂 Gestern hatten wir kein freies Internet. Deshalb kam ich erst heute dazu, deine Berichte zu lesen. Wir sind jetzt am Gardasee angekommen und freuen uns aufs Baden. Die Altstadt von Trento hat uns gestern auch gut gefallen. Wir sind dort sogar noch mit einer kleinen Luftseilbahn zu einem Aussichtspunkt gefahren. Jetzt gehen wir was essen . Kuss Mami

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