Sightseeing is exhausting – but always worth it

With an “Imodium” in my stomach felt better in the morning but I was glad to find something familiar on the menu. I had a Müesli with lots of fresh fruit for breakfast. It was very good! We had a rather slow start and left the hostel at about 10am. We reached the bus stop near the war cemetery 15min later and our clothes were already drenched in sweat. Usually, I am really happy when there is a day of bright sunshine. But here inThailand it’s already hot enough with clouds inthe sky and when the sun comes out it’s too hot to do anything but swim in cold water.
Unfortunately, we didn’t wave our bus over early enough and it passes us. We then decided to walk to the main bus station and reached it another 30 min later. Once we made it past all the people who wanted to sell us a taxi, we found bus 8203 and as soon as the bus driver had his ice cream, we were off.


The bus was equipped with fans and no air-con but while the bus was moving, the wind through the open windows was very agreeable. The seats were not broad enough for Europeans. 3 seats for 2 people would have been perfect but Myri and I had to share our row with a Thai woman and felt rather crammed. I realized that we were the only foreigners on the bus and really everyone had black hair, except us! Only then I became completely aware of the variety we have in Europe!

A woman collected the 40 Bht for the ticket and about 1,5h later they told us to get off. We landed right in front of a market. As we were looking for food, we realized that we would only find thai street food here. I bought chips made out of fried bananas, dipped in an orange spice. They tasted like “hot wave” chips, the banana flavour was gone. Moritz was hungrier and so he dared to buy a grilled chicken. It tasted well and one day later he still feels fine:)

IMG_5165 IMG_5170
We crossed the road and walked right into this rainforest/jungle paradise. The waterfall was 1min uphill. At that moment, there were only a few Thai people there, having picknicks on blankets or swimming with their clothes on. We thought that it was because they didn’t want to get more tanned… We also jumped into the water, in our bathing suits and clinbed the rocks so that we could stand right below the waterfall. The Thais wanted to take pictures with us as much as we wanted to take pictures with them. In addition, they wanted to touch our skin. I guess they don’t much get into contact with tourists.
Sai Yok NoiI waterfall and the pool below was amazing! There even were free tubes for the children to swim. It looked like at the Säntispark (nice indoor and outdoor pool near the lake of constance in Switzerland) but it was natural!!!

IMG_5175 IMG_5379 IMG_5384

When we were done with swimming, a tourist group arrived and so we took a short walk to the train station. The man in the info booth told us that the train would leave at 3.15. In the hostel they said 3. But so we had some time to take the hike to the caves and the water source. The area was lush and one of the huge trees made weird loud noises. I felt like in “Lost” when the black smoke appears.

Unfortunately, right before we reached the caves, it started raining heavily. To our luck, there was a small kiosk with a ribbed roof, under which we waited for a while. However, when the rain didn’t stop, we decided to walk back in our bathing suits. The soil was extremely slippery now but we got back to the station alright.

At the train station, the others bought some special looking dim sum. I bought a bag of sticky rice because I still didn’t fully trust my stomach yet. Good that Hedi asked again when the train was leaving or where we needed to get tickets because they told us that there were no trains running at this station and we had to walk 1km along the tracks to get to Nam Tok. Since it was still raining we took a taxi for 10 Bht each and reached the right train station 5min later. Another train was just about to leave and we thought that we missed ours although it wasn’t 3.15 yet. But it wasn’t ours and so we bought the tickets for 100 Bht each and figured that the other train must have been 2 hours late, because that’s when the last train was indicated on the time table. We sat down in the waiting area. As indicated on the time table here, our train was supposed to leave at 3.30pm. I’d never have thought that at some point in my life I would sit at a random train station eating rice out of a plastic bag.

Our train was on time. The first wagon we entered had cushion benches along the wall. Since I don’t like riding sideways for a longer amount of time, i went into the next wagon. The seats were arranged normally in compartments of 4, however, they were made out of wood. Phew, would be a long two hours. When the train set into motion, it drove much faster than I expected it. That and a constant feeling of derailing soon made it all seem like an amusement park ride again.
The view over the river, green fields, storks and red soil was spectacular.
Again, we saw whole houses floating by, pulled by small boats. We already observed this from our room terrace. People were having parties or karaoke nights on these literal house boats.

The train ride was beautiful and interesting but 23km in front of Kanchanaburi for some (to us) unknown reason the locomotive had to be exchanged and we just stood still for 40min. At least it wasn’t 7 hours like on my interrail trip through Europe in Bulgaria.
Our train crossed the River Kwai Bridge and then we reached Kanchanaburi 5min later with a 1 hour delay. By then, we were all tired and starving but there was this nice evening gown shop on our way and I really would have loked to buy something. As soon as we were inside the store, Hedi suddenly had new found energy and both Myri and Hedi bought a dress. I probably was on a sugar low and didn’t have the strenght anymore to try more than one dress. It was the perfect cut and color but unfortunately too small. Hopefully I have time to check out more stores tomorrow.

I was soo tired and not even hungry anymore that I just had some porridge (yes they have porridge in our hostel and surprisingly, I even like this one. As Ewan McGregor would say “If you don’t eat your porridge, you’ll get cold, so… double portion today!”, I thought that this might be a good idea. After dinner we pretty much went straight to bed. Once we arrive in Chiang Mai on the 16th, we should probably take a chill out day.

Our cute friends will guard the door while we are sleeping

Our cute friends will guard the door while we are sleeping



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