Travel Route

That you have an idea about where I am going, here are the rough dates:

– 6 July, Siem Reap, Cambodia
– Bangkok
– Kanachanburri
– Chiang Mai
(- Sukothai)
– Koh Tao
– Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
– Kuala Lumpur
– Taman Negara national park
– Singapore
– surfing in Bali
– return flight to Zurich on 21 August

Has anyone been to any of these places? Insider tipps?


10 days to go

Now I’m just one final exam (English oral) and 10 days apart from my big adventure.

Today, I took down the backpack from the attic and soon I will have to decide what I can’t take due to lack of space and the fact that I have to carry the weight around on my own. (But what if I get bored on a train and there is no one to talk to and it’s dark, so I can’t look out of the window and I for example really start to miss my Rubic’s Cube?)

Yes, quite many things to deal with before the plane can finally take off!

Shall I bring a small umbrella or just buy one there? It’s rainy season after all…What kind of long pants/sweater for the evening/…

What do you think?